Okuma Rod Review | First Hand Using This Rod

Today’s topic is: Okuma rod review! Two pieces Celilo graphite ultra-light USA made spinning OKUMA rod is quick to respond and has softer tip action with a decent backbone for mild fighting, a compatible hooded stainless-steel reel seat between a suitable and fair fore and rare cork grip.

The fine burgundy color shines under the light, and the rod has encompassing striation rings. 

The rods weigh around 3-3.5 OZ altogether. Good at distance casting and well balanced in a tighter area. Excellent flexibility and this graphite rods bounce at the bottom. 

Using Ultralight fishing equipment is challenging and fun. Inexperienced anglers can break the rod easily in a fishing fight. But sometimes it may become the reason for your success in fishing. 

Choosing a good light fishing gear is hard as much as tackling a light fishing gear since it needs practice and experience to handle properly.

You can waste some money as well as your time and the rod itself while buying a light gear if you choose the wrong one. Most anglers prefer the usual weight rods. 

Our today’s article is about the OKUMA Celilo Graphite ultralight spinning trout rods. 

Since choosing a light gear can be a little tricky, we’re sharing our experience thorough Okuma rod review with you, for your convenience while purchasing a light rod to decide whether it’s the right one for you or not, decide yourself after reading this.

Before getting into the details, let’s have a look at the products.

Though OKUMA has seven ultralight models, you can choose yours from them. Here, look at the available model’s specifications in the table below – 

MODEL HANDLE STYLE Rod Length Rod Power Weight Line Weight



4’ 6


3 OZ




5’ 02’’


3.2 OZ




5’ 6


3.4 OZ




6’ 6


3.6 OZ




6’ 0


3.5 OZ




7’ 6








4.8 OZ


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Okuma Rod Review

Okuma Celilo Graphite Rods

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Okuma is a Taiwan-based fishing gear company. They produce – Rod, Reel, travel bag, apparel, etc. OKUMA company’s origin is Japan. 

The company was established in 1898, though they started fishing gear production in 1986. 

They have been producing these products for more than three-decade now. I tried several products from them wasn’t bad. 

I used their 6’ 6’’ ultra-light Celilo graphite model (Actually it was a gift from one of my cousins), will be discussing that rod’s key features and drawbacks. 

Key Features

OKUMA Celilo Ultralight Graphite is a first-class fishing rod at a reasonable price. 

This one is mentionable among all the ultralight fishing rod in the industry. Here are some key features, why it’s a good rod worth trying.

Responsiveness and Sensibility: The first thing you will notice after taking into action, the rod is crispy and has excellent responsiveness. 

The rod is very sensitive and fast to respond in action. New anglers or heavy gear users can find it difficult to tackle. 

Again, new anglers can find it fun to use this rod because of its lightweight and sensibility. If you can handle it properly, it’s entertaining to cast for a long time. 

Ultralight Weight: Why is using this more fun? Because of its ultralight weight. My 6’ 6 is only 3.6 OZ. 

Lightweight is fun to use because it doesn’t tire your arm at all. This rod is one of the lightest fishing rods in the industry.

OKUMA ultralight Celilo 4’ 6 rod is only 3 OZ. Now you can compare with other ultralight fishing rods.  

Softer Tip for more Forgiving Action: This rod has a softer tip and more forgiving action for your fineness fishing, especially when you will be using small lures.

So, your hook won’t pull off while fighting them. 

Rod Construction: Rod materials are good quality, not the brightest, though. Okuma Ultralight comes with two pieces, except the one piece 4’ 6 rod.

Aluminum made hooded reel seat is ok for spinning rods. 

It has a blank graphite construction and inserts the guide of aluminum oxide.

The nice burgundy color looks great under the light. I actually like this color. 

Mine 6’ 6 has 6 and a tip a total 7 guides, which is adequate for a spinning rod. The number of guides increases with the rod size. Guides make distance casting easier to perform. 

Like as a staple, hook holder is good and satisfactory.

Even though the rod is very sensitive, it has a true backbone to fight. 

Fore and Rear Cork Grips: OKUMA ultralight Celilo has fore and rear grips on both sides of the aluminum reel seat. These grips look great and give an expensive rod appearance. 

6’ 6 ultralight Celilo rod has 2’’ fore grip and 6-1/4 rear grip in the bottom. 

A type of handle style and has a comfortable feeling. 

Medium Taper with High Flexibility : The taper is medium for all the ultralight OKUMA rods. And has super flexibility with a decent backbone to fight.

Price : Celilo Ultralight starts from around $30 to the highest $50 mark. So, the price is obviously something that needs to be mentioned. 

this is one of the cheapest fishing rods in the market. Spending only $30 for a fishing rod isn’t too much, right!!

So, to me, the price is great compare to the value. 

1 Year Limited Warranty: OKUMA offers a limited 1-year warranty for their Celilo ultralight series rods. Some of their rods have a limited lifetime warranty. 

Under 1-year limited warranty, if the conditions are met, you can have a new OKUMA rod with a little charge to pay.   

OKUMA Rod Drawbacks

There are some common complaints about the OKUMA ultralight graphite fishing rods. The critics are similar to significant peoples.

Obviously, this isn’t a perfect rod. Now, let’s take a look at the drawbacks – 

Broke Easily/ Build Quality: The first thing you will notice after starting the casting, this rods very sensitive and not a great rod for heavy or fight fishing. 

Since it’s an ultralight version rod, rod quality isn’t good. One or two careless handlings can make it two pieces.

Breaking the tip is highly likable. 

Hasty handling can cause the guides to break.

The Reel Seat and Guide Alignments: I’m not sure about others, aligning the reel seat and guides seemed little off to me. 

It could be a manufacturing fault because I didn’t hear from other people complaining about this problem. 

Pros and Cons

We already discussed the key features and drawbacks of the OKUMA ultralight rod. Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this rod –


  • Affordable/low price
  • Sensitive
  • Excellent Lightweight
  • Short and Maneuverable
  • Admirable fore and rear grips
  • Fun to fishing


  • Easy to broke
  • Distance casting not always accurate

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Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Q)

Is Okuma a good brand?

Since 1986 Taiwan based OKUMA fishing tackle co. Ltd. Manufacturing fishing rods and equipment. OKUMA delivers affordable and quality fishing products. They produce lots of different types of rods, reels, and apparel. 

OKUMA produces both saltwater and freshwater fishing equipment. They have 31 years of experience and technology in this sector. Customer’s demands are the main priority for OKUMA.

Okuma offers high-level technology and innovation. They are competitive fishing equipment brands in the industry. 

Who makes Okuma fishing rods?

OKUMA Fishing is based in Taiwan, China. However, some rods and fishing gears are made in the USA and other different countries. 

But, the majority comes from Taiwan. So, you can say- Taiwan makes the OKUMA fishing rods. 

Is Okuma Fishing Japanese?

OKUMA Fishing is a part of the OKUMA Corporation, which is a machine tool builder from Oguchih-Cho, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. 

OKUMA corporation founded in 1898 by Eiichi Okuma.  

But the OKUMA Fishing is based on Taiwan. So, OKUMA fishing isn’t Japanese entirely. They are in this business for 31 years. 

Some of their gears are made in the USA and in different countries.  So, they are experienced and a good competitor in the fishing industry around the world. 


OKUMA Celilo ultralight graphite spinning rods are sensitive, have a decent look, have comfortable cork fore and rear grips, have multiple guides, and have a proper aluminum reel seat. 

But, the rod’s sustainability not much satisfactory. The rods will be two pieces with inept handling. 

Still, a good rod compares to its price and value. So, checking one yourself should be worth your time and money.

OKUMA is a good company, and they have a good presence in this industry. Also, their experience and technology are improving day by day. 

So. Overall it’s a good rod, but don’t expect too much. That could cause disappointment. 

That’s all for today on OKUMA rod Review. Next time will share another exciting fishing gear features and benefits or drawbacks with you guys. 

Here’s a little question for you – Which company has the lightest fishing rod in the industry and price?