Maxcatch Fly Rod Review | A Personal Observation

Maxcatch Extreme Graphite Fly fishing rods are premium entry-level at an inexpensive and attractive rate. The quality is commendable, though the price is low. 

Construction is good with IM7 24T plus 30T carbon fiber, has 5 layers of composition, which leads to Maxcatch fly rods with some extra strengths compared to other entry-level rods.   

It’s somewhat in between mid-fast and fast action, though the Maxcatch claims to have fast. Better for soft and distant casting. It Has a decent look, cork handle, and aluminum reel seat. 

Best for the new casters, or as a backup one for the experts. It’s a freshwater rod but can handle the saltwater evenly.   

The weight seems light. Maxcatch Extreme comes with 04 pieces, 1-year money back, and a lifetime repairing warranty.

It’s hard to find a perfect casting rod for a new angler. Sometimes they’re expensive or need the experience to use them. So, finding the exact fit for your casting journey can be a tough one. 

Don’t you worry!  

I’m here to help you to find the right one for you and make your casting ride to a joyous one. 

Searching for a budget fly fishing rod, which is better for the new anglers? Or, need a fly rod as a backup which is suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing? You also could be looking forward to trying this fishing gear in casting. 

Whatever the reason you have, you’re going to learn about the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod. 

Well, I was fortunate enough to try this fishing rod several times on a few trips. And, today I’m here to share my personal experience and observation on the Maxcatch extreme graphite fly rod.

Before diving into the Maxcatch Fly Rod Review, let’s have a look into some of their fly rods.

Maxcatch Fly Rod Review

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I had a 5-wt and 9’ Maxcatch Extreme graphite fly rod for myself. Like any other person, I had a doubt too about the quality it could be offering at this price. Not to mention, it’s a Chinese product. 

But, you know what!!

It didn’t disappoint me that much. Instead, you could say – it had me surprised in different ways. 

Well, I am not saying – The Maxcacth Extreme graphite rod is the best. Simply, I wasn’t expecting this much from the rod. Especially not at this price level.


Let me share my opinion on the Maxcatch fly rod, what I liked and didn’t like about the rod. 

Key Features

Maxcatch is a Chinese fishing gear company. Established was in 2005. They claimed to donate 5% of profits to inspire in joining the fishing sport. 

I don’t want to brag about every little thing about the rod. Rather, I am discussing the different or better features the rod has to offer, which you could consider before buying one for yourself.

Rod Design and Construction: The design was decent, nothing to be brag about. Mine was a light green color. If you fancy for the look, heed my advice and could skip this article, this isn’t for you. You better check their Maxcatch fiberglass fly rod. 

Solid chromed stainless/ tentless steel with snake guides and stripping guides Maxselect provides less weight and a polite look. 

What! Curious about the handle?

Maxcacth states to have an A+ premium cork handle. Mine cork handle was good for two summers, then seemed little loose to me.  Comfortability and performance were satisfying, though. 

Reel seat was made from aluminum with two up-locking rings. I loved their two-up-lock system, and the reel fits perfectly with this design. 

Maxcatch extreme fly rods flex on the tip and middle parts of the rod. However, I would prefer to have full flexibility. Lower and middle parts carry the main weight.

The construction part amazed me the most!

The first thing I have had felt about the rod’s composition. Construction was certainly something for which Maxcatch can be proud of.  But to me, the Maxcatch premier fly rod seemed to have better build than this Extreme fly rods.  

Like most of the Maxcatch fly rods, extreme also has a mixed 5 layers of carbon fiber of solid IM7 24T plus 30T build. 

Five layers include – compression tape, strength muscle carbon, reinforced muscle carbon, clockwise diagonal distortion resistant tape, and counterclockwise diagonal distortion resistant tape. These provide better strength and lasting than most of the entry-level rods in the industry. 

Why was I amazed!

I even bend it with my hands to check the flexibility and quality measurement. It never gave up on me. Hence, I was satisfied with the rod construction and quality. Evidently, the construction was commendable and better than the most rods at this price level of the fishing gear industry. 

Maxcatch Extreme Fly rod comes with different sizes and weights. Choose the desired one from the below list. Available size and weights: 

  • 8’ 4’’ 3 weight 4 pieces
  • 9ft 5 weight 4 pieces
  • 9ft 6 weight 4 pieces
  • 9’ 6’’ 5 weight 4 pieces
  • 9’ 6’’ 6 weight 4 pieces   
  • 9ft 8 weight 4 pieces
  • 10ft 7 weight 4 pieces

Casting and Action with Maxcatch Extreme: Maxcatch Extreme fly rods have a slim taper that provides adequate smoothness and power. Loading was easy enough to handle by a new angler in a windy situation. 

Though the Maxcatch declares to have fast action, extreme somewhat stands in between medium-fast and fast action. 

Distance casting was comfortable, fine, and easy to perform.

What about small dries?

Well, that wasn’t a satisfactory experience for me. Maxcatch extreme rod isn’t best for short casting. I can name lots of other entry-level rods that can perform better than this one.  

Freshwater and Saltwater: So, where is it perfect for casting? Is it a fresh or saltwater rod? 

This is another fantastic feature of the Maxcatch Extreme, and it can do the casting in both freshwater and saltwater evenly. Though, using too much in saltwater may reduce the rod’s lasting ability to some extent.

Yet, you can use this rod in saltwater evenly as freshwater. 

Experienced anglers can keep it as a backup for their saltwater trips. This rod isn’t something to talk about for a veteran caster. However, you won’t be disappointed.   

Weight: Mine 9’ 5wt Maxcatch Extreme is around 3.8 OZ. So, as we can see, it’s a lightweight fly rod. Anglers who are used with a little heavy rod will take some time to adjust to this one. 

Again, people who are using an ultra-light one like- Redington HYDROGEN Fly Rod, which is only around 2.1 OZ. will feel it’s a heavy one. Not as light as they are used to. 

Still, compared to other beginner’s rods in the industry, Maxcatch offers a good lightweight fly rod. 

Warranty: Maxcatch Fly rods come with a 1-year money-back warranty. If you ever feel dissatisfied with their rod on your first year, you can return the rod to the company, and they will provide the full compensation.

Surprising!! Isn’t it? 

They also offer a lifetime repairing service to all Maxcatch’s fly rods. So, you don’t have to worry about it, if you don’t like it much. Send it back and receive your money back from them.  

Price: The price Maxcatch asking for this series is just like any other Chinese company. The rod will cost you around 50 dollars only. 

Yes, you heard that, right! 

You have to pay only around 50 dollars for this rod purchase. Therefore, you won’t risk too much money on this fly rod. 

Maxcatch Extreme Fly-Fishing Rod Drawbacks

There aren’t many critics to talk about this rod if you look at the price level and the quality it’s been offering.  However, some issues need to be discussed. So, you will have a clear idea about what you are getting with the money of yours. 

Small Dries Fishing: Since Maxcatch Extreme Fly Rod is an entry-level rod, it would be better if they design the rod with small dry fishing ability. 

Yes, you can fish in small dries with this rod.

But my experience wasn’t satisfactory. The rod isn’t best in distance fishing either. It performed its best in somewhere in medium distance casting. 

Rod Flexibility: The Maxcatch Extreme rods flex on the tip and the middle parts. The flexibility seemed a little stiff to me, and I would prefer if the rod flex in full body. That would be better for the new anglers to adjust to their casting. 

The flexibility is ok, you can say, but not the best one I can tell. 

Customer Service/ Support Center: The biggest drawback to me was their supporting center. Maxcatch has no support center in the USA. Therefore you have to send it to China every time for return or repair the rod. 

My suggestion to them is to open support centers in the USA as soon as possible, which will boost customer engagement in the USA.

Pros and Cons

If you look at the price Maxcatch offering, you will be agreed with me that – there are not many critics to say. Though, I am giving a shortlist of what I liked about the rod and what I don’t. 


  • Low price
  • Good construction Build
  • Both Fresh and Saltwater fishing can be done
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year Money Back Warranty
  • Lifetime Repairing Warranty


  • A little Stiff
  • Not good at Small Dries
  • China Warehouse/ Factory

This is the current price of this “maxcatch fly rod” at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to


After using the Maxcatch Extreme Fly rods several times, I think it’s an excellent entry-level rod in the market. 

Yeah, it’s a little stiff, which only the veteran will notice. Not good at smaller dries, and you have to send it to China for any problem. 

But, on the other hand, it provides lots of features at one of the lowest price levels. 

So, what if you don’t like the rod! You can have the refund in a year after the purchase. 

Therefore, I would recommend anyone to try this rod, if you like it, that’s fine. Even if you don’t, you can return it in a year. 

This will be all for today, my fellow anglers. See you soon with new product information or review. 

Let me know what you think about our reviews, and how can we improve it more? We will highly appreciate any advice or suggestions. 

Share your experience on your new gears too.