Tips On Choosing A Good Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

Fishing is fun and exciting, and it can turn to hell if you have not the right tools available. Every angler desires the best fishing performance, which is the reason for choosing the best angling tools. The question which some anglers find hard to answer is “what is a good fishing rod and reel combo?”

We will the right answer to the question on this page, and we can assure you that after reading this post, you can go on with making the right choice when choosing your fishing rod and reel combo.

What makes a fishing rod and reel combo the best for you?

Let’s find out

If you find it hard to handle a fishing rod and operate a reel combo, it might be an indication that it is not the best choice for you. Getting the right one means you have the perfect tools for fishing, which will, in its way, influence your performance.

First, let’s check out the types of fishing rods you might come across in the market.

Types Of Fishing Rods

Types Of Fishing Rods

Casting Rods

It is one of the rods used by fisherman that are interested in placing their cast with precision and accuracy. The casting rod can come in either a spin-casting model or baitcasting. For whatever model you are getting, you need to ensure you get the right reel that will fit perfectly.

Apart from the two models I have mentioned, you will also find another known as trolling rod. This kind of rod boasts a heavier casting style, which makes it ideal for fishing in the deep sea. It is best to consider if you are targeting larger game fish.

Spinning Rods

This is lighter than casting rods. They are known to be comfortable and easy to use for any fisherman. It is the best for beginners and those looking for a light rod that they can hold and control. Also, you will likely come across one known as a surf rod. It is designed for heavy sinkers and larger baits.

Telescopic And Travel Rods

For those looking for a portable rod, a telescopic rod is a perfect option. It is compact, and that makes it very easy to take along for any trip. Most of them come with a collapsible design, which means it won’t eat up space if you have one with you.

Overhead Rods

One of the other types of a fishing rods is the overhead rods. It is designed for deep-sea fishing, but it works with an overhead reel. It is the best to consider for battling large fish from a boat. So, they are not the right option for beginners.

Fly Fishing Rods

The next you should consider is known as fly fishing rods. They are designed for use with a fly reel. You are to use a lure with a fly-fishing rod, and it requires great casting skills with lots of patience to perform excellently, which is the reason it not an option to consider for beginners.

How To Choose A Rod And Reel Combo?

How To Choose A Rod And Reel Combo

So, if you are looking for the right rod and reel combo for yourself and you do not know the things to consider, we’ve got you covered. Below are some important things that you need to consider.


When you are getting a rod and reel combo, the action or the operation of the combo kit should be on top of your mind. You need to know that that design, shape, and features thus influence the action of a combo fishing kit.

For example, some rod comes with anti-slip properties on the grip, and that means the chance of facing difficulty with holding the rod is so slim. Also, some come with ambidextrous style reel, which means both right-handed and left-handed anglers can operate easily.

It is appropriate that you should go for a right reel if you are a right-handed angler and the same if you are left-handed.


If your rod and reel combo does not have the power to support your fishing demands, then it doesn’t worth investing your money. It is important that the rod and combo reel have an abundance of power to handle support your fishing style and routine.

Gear Ratios

The gear ratio is one of the things that you need to consider. The most common reel you will find in the market has a 6:4:1 gear ratio. It thus makes it effortless for you to operate or perform at any pace. However, for certain applications, a very high or low gear ratio is the best to work with.

Construction Material

The next among the things that you need to consider is the construction material used in the production of the rod and reel of your fishing rod. We have read and witnessed a situation where the rod gets broken during fishing and some reel worn out without notice.

You need to be certain on the quality the rod and reel combo is made from, and that will help you to know their lifespan and also let you know how you should use the fishing rod.

Weight Of The Rod

You need to also know the weight of the rod you are getting. If you are getting a rod that is too heavy, it can affect your overall performance. Getting a lightweight rod is the best decision as you will find it easy to handle, especially if you are a beginner.

Rod Length

The length of the rod is another thing that you need to consider. Check the length of the rod and ensure it is something you can easily work with. However, the kind of fishing you want to get involved with will determine the length of the rod you will get.

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If you are looking for a good fishing rod and reel combo, here are things that you need to consider on this page. We have made the compilation of factors and features that are essential in choosing the right angling rod you need for the best angling performance.