Are Kayak Pools Worth The Money?

Hey there! So you’ve been thinking about putting in a pool and have your eye on one of those Kayak Pools you Keep seeing advertised. But you’re just not sure – are they really all they’re cracked up to be? Or is it smarter to just go with a traditional inground pool?

Now you can stop wondering, pal. I’ll go through all you need to know so you can decide confidently. By the end, you’ll be able to decide for certain if installing a kayak pool at your home is the best option!

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What is a Kayak Pool?

As the name implies, kayak pools are fashioned to resemble, you got it, a kayak. They have a long, narrow shape that provides lots of space for playing and paddling in the water.

Unlike traditional inground pools, which require digging a big hole, kayak pools are fully above ground. They consist of interlocking panels or walls that provide structure while allowing for various shapes and sizes.

With tapered walls that slope gradually inward, kayak pools are also considerably shallower than inground pools for added safety.

Kayak Pool Costs Breakdown

Now, let’s dive into the dollars and cents (pools are expensive, am I right?). Kayak pool pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the exact size, materials, accessories, and any special features you want. But as a general guide:

Pool SizeEstimated Cost Range
12′ x 20′$4,000 – $8,000
12′ x 24′$6,000 – $10,000
16′ x 24′$10,000 – $15,000
16′ x 32′ (largest size)$15,000 – $25,000

These estimates cover just the basic pool package – you can expect to pay extra for things like a deck, filter system, lighting, automatic cleaner, etc. Installation by a pro will add another $1,000-$3,000, depending on ease of setup. And don’t forget permitting/inspection fees in your area, too.

In-Ground Pool Costs Comparison

By comparison, the cost to install a traditional inground pool can range wildly based on its size and location. But as a ballpark, plan on spending:

  • $35,000-$65,000 for an average inground pool
  • $70,000-$120,000 for a larger pool with bells and whistles
  • Over $150,000 for high-end custom pools
In-Ground Kayak Pool - Honest Fishers

So, as you can see, kayak pools offer massive cost savings upfront versus digging an inground number. We’re talking thousands saved for essentially the same fun-in-the-sun experience!

Top Benefits of Owning a Kayak Pool

So what makes kayak pools such a sweet deal besides the price tag? Here are some of their top perks:

  • Safety – With shallow walls and seats built in, kayak pools are inherently safer for kids and novice swimmers.
  • Convenience – No digging is required, which means kayak pools can be installed practically anywhere in just a few days. And they’re fully removable for the winter, too.
  • Low Maintenance – Their simple above-ground design means less chemicals, debris, and hassle versus traditional pools to keep clean.
  • Durability – Kayak pools are made to last through decades of use thanks to corrosion-resistant materials and a solid warranty behind them.
  • Resale Value – A kayak pool adds more value to your home than other yard amenities. So you can feel good recouping some costs if you sell.

Now, those are some sweet benefits if you ask me! It’s easy to see why kayak pools are blowing up in popularity compared to the old-fashioned inground.

Swimming in the in-ground kayak pool - Honest Fishers

Making the Choice: Kayak Pools Worth It?

So, in summary – kayak pools deliver seriously fun pool time at a fraction of the cost and hassle of inground alternatives. For the average homeowner looking to simply cool off and entertain without blowing their budget, they really can’t be beaten.

Of course, traditional pools have their place, too, for those with unlimited funds or specific needs. But in most cases, a quality kayak pool is worth serious consideration if adding water to your life is the goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Installation Take?

Most kayak pools can be set up by professionals in just 1-3 days, thanks to their modular above-ground design.

Can Kayak Pools Be Installed Inground?

Yep, many models are designed to sit partially or fully buried so they resemble an in-ground look without the excavation.

What Is the Largest Kayak Pool Size?

The maximum standard size is around 16′ x 32′, but custom pools can be made even bigger on a case by case basis.

Are There Diy Installation Options?

Some kayak pool companies sell affordable do-it-yourself kits for ambitious homeowners. Just factor in the labor costs you’d save!


Well, friends, I hope this kayak pool deep dive helped shine some light on whether they’re really worth the investment for you! Their upfront savings, convenience, safety, and low maintenance make them an unbeatable option for many homeowners simply seeking pool enjoyment without the pain of a giant hole in their yard.

If you found this helpful, let me know – and be sure to check out kayak pools for yourself before making any final decisions. Thanks for reading, and here’s to hopefully splashing around in your new pool this summer!