How Much Does A 12’x24 Kayak Pool Cost?

As the summer heat arrives, your family seeks a way to cool off in your backyard. A permanent inground pool seems like too large of an investment. While browsing options online, you discover portable kayak pools.

Captivated by their budget-friendly price and compact design, you opt to delve into the pricing details and wonder about the cost of a 12’x24′ Kayak Pool.

It may vary depending on the location and other factors. The fundamental 12’x24′ kits kick off at a mere $2,000 to $3,000, encompassing essential components such as the crucial vinyl liner and the indispensable filter pump required for a DIY installation.

Eager to learn all the details, you continue reading. Sections outline what a basic kit provides versus potential add-ons like specialized base materials or nice-to-have decking. By the end, you hope to have the purchase and setup information required to determine if one of these affordable pools could deliver essential summer fun.

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Is a Kayak Pool a Good Option for my Backyard?

Hey friend, before we dive into the main topic, I want to share something about kayak pool. I’ve been researching kayak pools and think they could be a great option for your space! Let me tell you what drew me in.


I was shocked by how affordable these pools are. Kayak pool kits can be found for well under $3k. You can do much of the installation yourself to save even more money. There is no need for expensive concrete work like a regular in-ground pool.

ComponentCost Range
Kayak pool kit$2,000-$3,000
DIY installationFree – $1,000
Professional installation$1,000-2,000
Total cost$3,500 – $6,000

As you can see, kayak pools offer pool entertainment for a lot less money than other possibilities!


Since kayak pools aren’t permanently installed, you have total freedom to move them wherever suits you best. Want it closer to the house for one year? No problem – pick it up and relocate!

Low Maintenance

No expensive chemicals, heaters, or pumps are required. Just fill it with a hose pipe, and you’re good to go! When autumn comes, drain and store until next summer—no need for winterizing.

Space Savings

Kayak pools don’t take up permanent yard space like inground pools. When not in use, you can store it practically anywhere, like the shed. More usable yard for other activities!

What are the Key Specifications of a 12’x24 Kayak Pool?

We’ve chatted about the benefits of a kayak pool, but now it’s time to dive deeper into the specs of the popular 12’x24 size. Grab a notepad – there’s lots to cover!

Capacity and Dimensions

At 12 feet wide and 24 feet long, this pool holds around 3,500 gallons of water. Depth ranges from 3-4 feet to keep little ones safe while still providing room for fun. With around 300 square feet of surface area, there’s space for everybody!

Versatile Shape

The narrow, elongated shape fits various yards efficiently. Set up along a fence for a “canal” feel or further back for more privacy. Its flexible design allows for creative placement near trees or the house.

Durability and Materials

Modern PVC-laminate construction is tough enough for years of sunny fun. UV-resistant coatings prevent fading, so it keeps its good looks. Reinforced seams provide leak-proof security. Integrated ground stakes keep the pool stable in any weather.

Entry and Access

12’x24 pools come standard with aluminum ladders for safe entry/exit. Handrails and textured wall surfaces help little swimmers climb in and out independently. Slide-in/splash-out design means no wrestling huge inflatables into place.

12'x24 pools come standard with aluminum ladders - Honest Fishers

Filtration and Pumps

Kits include basic pumps, skimmers, and cartridge filters to keep water clean and circulating. Upgrades like sand filters are compatible with sparkling clarity. Pumps are often solar-powered or low voltage for lower energy costs.

Add-On Accessories

Nearly all brands offer popular extras like fun water features (slides, fountains, etc.), cover reels, and safety equipment. You can also set up fun zones with lounge chairs, toys, and games both in and around the water’s edge.

Customizable Layout

Moving the pool to different spots in the yard each year is no problem, thanks to its lightweight, portable design. Change the views, and you’ll enjoy it like a whole new oasis! Creative landscaping ideas provide backdrop variations.

Affordable Ownership

Kayak pools provide years of family fun at a fraction of the cost compared to concrete-installed options. Low maintenance means you save even more vs. chemicals/service of inground pools—no need for heaters or resurfacing either.

How Much Does a Basic 12’x24 Kayak Pool Kit Cost?

Alright, friend, I can tell you’re getting excited about the idea of a kayak pool paradise in your backyard! Now it’s time to talk numbers – let’s break down what you can expect to pay for a basic 12’x24 setup.

Starter Pool Kit Components

The core of any pool system is the kit. This includes the laminated PVC pool walls, reinforced skirting around the base, integrated ground stakes, and a maintenance kit.

Most Affordable Way to Try It Out

Entry-level kits range from $2,000-3,000 and provide the essentials to get splashing quickly. This is likely the best option to test out owning a pool at the lowest upfront cost.

What’s Included in a Basic Kit?

  • 12’x24′ pool liner
  • Aluminum ladder
  • Cartridge filter and basic pump
  • Skimmer and tools
  • Chemical starter pack
  • Valve wrenches and repair kit

Compare Brands and Features

Many reputable companies offer quality starter kits. Compare materials, warranty lengths, and included accessories to find the best value.

Pool Liner Options

Standard liners are fine for most uses, but upgraded tri-ply or laminate materials last much longer for only a small premium. Darker blue hides stain better, too.

Budget for the Unforeseen

Consider tacking on an extra 10% as a contingency fund. Unpredictable site conditions or undiscovered repairs crop up sometimes.

Now let’s look beyond the core kit at additional mandatory expenses:

  • Sand or Gravel Base: A level, compacted base is critical for stability. Expect $150-300 for materials, depending on yard size.
  • Decking or Pavers (Optional): Decks improve aesthetics and access but add $500-1000. Floating tile mats provide containment for less.

What Additional Costs Are Involved in Installation?

Putting in a kayak pool involves extra expenses beyond just the basic kit. Let’s break it all down step-by-step so you know what to budget!

Site Preparation

The base is crucial, so plan $150-300 for gravel/sand plus landscape fabric, paver edging, and tools if needed. Rent a tiny excavator to prepare a large flat area if your yard is uneven.

Pool Installation

Setting up the liner, adding support stakes, and plumbing in pumps/filters takes 4-8 hours for 1-2 people. Make a weekend of it! Consider hiring help for just the heavy lifting to make it more enjoyable.

Pool Installation Process - Honest Fishers

Electrical Work

Some pool configurations require running new circuits for high-voltage pumps. Count on $200-500 depending on your yard setup and what needs upgrading. Make sure to involve a licensed electrician.

Decking or Pavers

Whether you go with fitted tile sheets, interlocking pavers, or a wood deck, plan to spend $500-2500 or more depending on materials, design, and help needed for installation. Break this into phases if the full budget is steep.

Chemical Startup

Test kits, chlorine or salt water chlorine generators, pH adjusting chemicals, and algaecide will run $150-300 upfront. Budget $50-100 monthly for ongoing water balancing.

Safety Equipment

Fencing may be needed in your area – consult local codes. A basic pool alarm provides an extra layer of protection for $50-100.

Maintenance Gear

Ongoing needs like replacement pump parts, test kits, brushes, skimmer nets, and a pool vacuum will add up to $50-100 annually.

Furnishings and Accessories

Chairs, floats, and toys transform it into a backyard oasis! Budget $100-500, depending on how lavish you want to get.


Grading, plants, benches, lighting – consider phasing these in over seasons for $100-1000 total. Small upgrades maintain excitement.

Professional Installation

For the DIY-averse, expect installation labor costs of $ 1,500-3,000 depending on pool size and local rates. This may include permit fees.

Is a Kayak Pool Worth the Upfront Investment?

We’ve broken down all the initial costs that come with installing a kayak pool. Now, let’s evaluate whether that expenditure truly provides lasting value and enjoyment compared to other recreation and vacation options.

Getting a pool undoubtedly requires an upfront outlay, but I believe the return on investment is excellent, thanks to the amount of use your family will get out of it each season. When you consider everything a pool offers, the costs even out to a very reasonable monthly rate.

Backyard Entertainment Savings

The average American household spends over $1,000 each summer on activities like movies, sporting events, mini-golf, and amusement parks. A pool pays that off in just one season alone in spent savings by keeping the fun at home. You’ll use it countless weekends versus one-off outings.

Versatile Fun For All Ages

Whether lounging with a drink, swimming laps, hosting parties, or playing pool games – a kayak pool caters to the whole family for hours daily. It offers something fun for kids, teens, parents, and extended relatives to enjoy together for years to come.

A kayak pool caters to the whole family - Honest Fishers

Property Value Boost

Studies show installing a pool increases home resale values by 5-20%, depending on local markets. Some data indicates upon selling; proceeds recoup anywhere from 30-50% of the original pool investment. As home prices keep rising, a pool enhances curb appeal to attract more buyers.

Exercise and Wellness Perks

Beyond enjoyment, regular swimming provides an excellent full-body cardio and strength training workout with minimal stress on joints. For many, it’s more motivating than jogging or the gym. Owning a home pool also improves family health by encouraging an active lifestyle and quality togetherness.

Mental Stress Relief

After a hard day, few activities are as rejuvenating as floating lazily in cool, refreshing water while gazing at the sky or treetops. Benefits range from relaxation to improved sleep – invaluable for recharging during summer downtime.

Year-Round Usage Potential

While the number of swimming days lessens in cooler seasons, a pool still provides versatile outdoor recreation space long after summer ends. Set it up for other activities like badminton or grilling. Drain it to open an expansive new play area for kids.

With costs amortized over a pool’s 5-10-year lifespan, monthly ownership expense is far less than gym memberships or weekly paid activities. Maintenance is also more affordable than public pool or water park costs for a full family each day. No driving is required either!

When considering the investment holistically, I truly believe the enjoyment and value returned from a kayak pool make the upfront costs very worthwhile. You can feel secure all your dollar goes toward creating special memories and a fun-filled backyard oasis for many years ahead.

Final Say

By the end of the guide, you have a clear understanding of what to expect financially when purchasing a 12’x24 kayak pool. While the initial costs may seem high, the years of enjoyment your family will get from being able to cool off in your own backyard oasis seems well worth the investment.

Armed with all the information covered, like standard kit components and additional expenses, you feel confident in your ability to decide if a kayak pool fits your family’s needs and budget. You now have what you need to determine if one of these portable pools may finally be the solution for resort-style fun without the resort price tag.