Why Are Fishermen Called Anglers?

Fishing is a broad term, and everything related to fishing may confuse people. For example, fishermen and anglers, many people mistakenly believe they are the same and sometimes call fishermen anglers. That said, why are fishermen called anglers?

People call fishermen anglers as they believe everyone who catches fish is an angler and a fisherman. In reality, they aren’t; anglers are those who fish using fishing rods, reels, hooks, and baits only. In contrast, fishermen use all fishing gear and catch all types of fish.

Apart from these differences, there are more distinctive facts between anglers and fishermen. And below, we have described those factors thoroughly. Hence, let’s read.

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Who Is A Fisherman?

Fishermen are people who catch fish from water bodies. An angler can be both a man and a woman, and people who perform all sorts of fishing, from fly fishing to bass fishing, are called fishermen.

In short, the word fisherman refers to any person involved in fishing. If a person uses bait or any other fishing tool to catch fish for consumption or trading purposes, they will be called fishermen.

Who Is A Fisherman

Fishers lead their lives by fishing; their main goal is to catch fish to consume and sell. They spend most of their time fishing. They try to catch as many fish as possible to maximize profit and lead a better life.

Hence, they don’t fish for fun; they do it for a living. It’s fishers’ full-time job, and they put all their effort into making the job day and fishing successful.

Who Is An Angler?

All anglers are fishermen, but every fisherman isn’t an angler. An angler catches fish for recreational purposes, while a fisherman’s primary goal is to catch fish for a living.

Who Is An Angler?

An angler goes fishing using a fishing method known as angling. While angling, an angler utilizes hooks and bait or lure to catch fish. Other than these fishing tools, anglers don’t use anything else.

In short, people who catch fish using bait and hooks and following some angling techniques are called anglers.

Difference Between Anglers And Fishermen:

The significant differences between anglers and fishermen lie in how they fish, what gear they use, and their fishing purposes.

Usually, fishermen tend to apply many techniques to lure and catch fish. Besides, they utilize many pieces of equipment, including traps, nets, cages, and much more for fishing. In contrast, anglers only use fishing rods, reels, lures, and hooks to catch fish.

Difference Between Anglers And Fishermen

Another big difference is the purposes of fishing. Anglers’ objective is to catch fish for fun and sport. They catch fish and release them once their purpose is fulfilled. They barely catch and store fish for consumption or selling purposes.

On the contrary, fishermen’s goal is to earn a livelihood by trading fish. They invest a lot of money in fishing gear and catch a wide variety of fish and sell those fish in local and international markets.

Fishermen target lots of fish and spend most of their time fishing, while anglers only catch a specific group of fish and spend comparatively less time than fishermen.

The last key difference between these two is how they use their bait. Fishermen prefer using live baits to lure fish, while anglers tend to utilize artificial lures.

So, these are some key differences between anglers and fishermen. Next time someone calls you a fisherman, you may correct them and tell them you are an avid angler.

How Can Fishermen Become Anglers?

Although fishermen catch varied fish using different types of equipment, at some point in their fishing endeavor, some try to get the experience of angling. That means they wanna be anglers.

That is because they know that anglers’ lives are full of excitement, thrill, and adventure. But becoming an angler isn’t as easy as it seems to be. It takes years of practice, dedication, and patience.

Below, we will discuss how anglers catch fish and what fishermen need to follow to become anglers. Let’s read.

How Can Fishermen Become Anglers

First of all, they need to learn to read the water. Yes, albeit fishermen spend hours on the water, many can’t read it, so they need to know the angler’s game of reading the water.

They need to understand the currents, eddies, and ripples on the water’s surface to locate fish.

Secondly, they need to research the various kinds of fish and their habits. Each species of fish has its own behaviors and preferences.

Thirdly, fishermen need to learn how to use bait properly. That means they need to choose the right bait and apply effective fishing techniques that anglers use to catch fish.

Finally, fishermen need to be patient as fishing is often a waiting game. By following these methods mentioned above, a fisherman can be an angler and enjoy fishing as the anglers do.


01. What Does The Term Angler Refer To?

An angler refers to a person who fishes with fishing rods, hooks, lines, and baits or lures. They apply various angling techniques to lure and catch fish. Plus, an angler must know the water and various fish.

02. Where Do The Name Anglers Come From?

The word angler derives from Old English and means a person who fishes with a hook. This term comes from the Latin word angelus, which means “fisherman.”

03. What Do You Call A Woman Who Catches Fish?

Some people call them fisherwomen, while others address them as fishers. Some even regard them as fishermen. Therefore, no answer is incorrect. However, you can call them anglers as a genderless term.

Reeling In:

Some people call fishermen anglers mistakenly, while all fishermen aren’t anglers. Anyway, we hope that from now on you won’t commit such a mistake as you know that they are distinctly different.

Every angler can be a fisherman, but every fisherman can’t be an angler. That’s all for this content, we will catch you with the next one, and till then, you may follow us on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. Happy Fishing.