Why Do Trout Die So Easily?

Anglers consider catching and releasing trout as a favorite pastime. Even though it’s a famous game, many anglers can’t experience the thrill since these trout aren’t very aggressive and die easily. That stated, why do trout die so easily?

Trout die so fast as they feature sensitive skin; they are fragile species and can get injured easily. These fish tend to stress out and get exhausted more quickly than other game fish. The more they fight, the more lactic acid they yield in their bodies, causing them to die.

However, alongside these reasons mentioned above, we found some other causes behind their easy death and described those facts below. So, let’s read.

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Do Trout Die After Catch And Release?

No, they don’t die if you catch and release them correctly. By correctly, we mean that you need to follow some handling techniques while catching trout.

Do Trout Die After Catch And Release

Also, after catching them, you should avoid squeezing, which many anglers often do. If you can follow the guideline, you won’t kill the game fish no matter how many times you catch and release.

Do Really Trout Die Easily?

Yes, they die easily when they are taken out of the water. Trout are one of the fragile fishes that die as soon as their gills dry.

So, if you want them to survive for a pretty decent time out of the water, you should keep their gills wet.

Why Do Rainbow Trout Die So Easily?

Rainbow trout die for various reasons, but the most common is simply because they aren’t used to being out of the water.

Unlike other fish, rainbow trout need to swim constantly to stay alive. If they can’t, they will quickly suffocate and die.

Why Do Rainbow Trout Die So Easily

Rainbow trout are also very sensitive to temperature changes, which is another reason they die so easily. If the water gets too hot or cold, they can quickly succumb to shock and die.

Rainbow trout are also susceptible to several diseases and parasites that can kill them easily.

Finally, they can die so easily out of exhaustion they experience while fighting for a long period with your hooks.

What Causes Trout To Die?

Trout can die due to varied causes, including stress, suffocation, warm temperature, infection, injuries, etc.

But mostly, trout die because of improper handling and catching performed by various novice anglers.

Do Hooked Trout Die Faster Than Others?

If they are hooked deeply, they will die faster than other trout hooked softly or hooked in the jaw.

Do Hooked Trout Die Faster Than Others

Hence, if you encounter a deeply hooked trout, you should cut the fishing line close to the trout’s mouth. And avoid removing the hook as it can cause damage to its gills or other organs.

Why Do Trout Die In Summer?

Trout die in summer as they don’t get sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water. During summer, the temperature rises, and dissolved oxygen reduces than it used to be in winter.

Thus, trout experience stress and suffocate, and if they need to deal with this condition for a long period, most of them barely survive.

Do Stocked Trout Die In Summer?

No, they don’t. Stocked trout can tolerate the high temperature and can survive regardless of the inadequate amounts of dissolved oxygen.

Do Stocked Trout Die In Summer

But the survivor percentage is quite low. Many stocked trout can’t overcome the obstacles faced during summer and die like other trout species.

Do Trout Die If You Touch Them?

In essence, it depends on how you touch trout. If you touch fish with a dry hand, they will lose their protective slime.

Do Trout Die If You Touch Them

As a result, they will be more vulnerable to bacteria and parasites. Hence, they will be infected and die quickly.

That’s why avid anglers avoid touching them with dry or bare hands, as they know that trout’s skins are pretty sensitive. Before touching trout, they wet their hands, and you should also follow them.

Do Trout Die When They Touch The Ground?

In fact, it depends on the trout’s health condition. If it is strong and encased with protective mucus, it won’t die when it touches the ground. And if the trout is physically weak, it may not survive right after falling to the ground.

Anyway, you shouldn’t let trout touch the ground as their gills might catch some dirt and debris, leading them to suffocate and possibly die.

How Long Can Trout Survive Out Of Water?

Researchers found that trout can survive out of the water for 30 seconds on average if they aren’t injured.

How Long Can Trout Survive Out Of Water

If anglers don’t put so much stress on the fish and hook and land them safely, they may survive longer than the time mentioned above.

At What Temp Do Trout Survive And Die?

When the temperature rises to 77°F, dissolved oxygen in the water decreases, thus, it gets challenging for trout and other fish to breathe oxygen and lead their lives.

However, trout can comfortably deal with such a temperature, but they can die if the temperature exceeds and rises more than 77°F for an extended duration.

How Old Do Trout Live?

Trout have a pretty long lifespan of about four to six years. But some trout may live longer than that timeframe. For instance, a large rainbow trout holds a record for living for almost eleven years.


Trout are one of the sought-after game fish that anglers love to catch and release repeatedly. But what most anglers don’t like is to kill them while playing.

However, now you know why these fish species die so easily when taken out of the water. Hence, next time you fish for trout, handle them cautiously if you want them to survive for a long time.

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