Best Fly Fishing Box Reviews: What Not to Buy?

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Realizing the fact, we’ve brought you two best fly box reviews in this guide which are available in the market right now.

Besides, we’ve also provided a helpful “buyer-guide” to help you choose the cool fly fishing box for your angling activities.

If you’re a passionate fly-fisher, chances are you have a hell lot of collection of different flies to meet the daily demand of your fly-fishing hobby.

Maybe, you’re a complete beginner to fly-fishing, or perhaps, you’ve just bought your primary fishing gears to start your adventurous angling journey. In both cases, you do know the importance of keeping the fly fishing box to store your flies in a dry and organized condition.

So let’s BEGIN:

Are You In A Hurry?

Our Test Winner After 15 + Hours Of Research (SF Super Slim Fly Box):


Our Honest Star Rating

SF Super Slim Fly Box Info

Why do we rate it highly?

  • The body of the fly-box is made of high-quality plastic that ensures its overall durability. In addition, the foams are made of closed cell.
  • Two different size options. The large and the small. The large size can contain more flies & streamers on its foam.
  • Ultra-slim & thick


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Our Top 2 Fly Fishing Box (Below More)




1. SF Super Fly Fishing Box [Rating 97%]

  • Two different size options.
  • Ultra-slim & thick.
  • Closed-Cell Foams.

2. New Salmon Fly Fishing Box [Rating 97%]

  • Double-sided chamber.
  • Holds up to 363 flies.
  • Durable Plastic Body.

1. SF Super Slim Fly Fishing Trout Flies Fly Box


Our Honest Rating

The SF Super Slim is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a compact fly-box that you can conveniently carry to anywhere you want.

The body is made of durable plastic and you’ll get a different range of foam options.

Let’s explore all the features offered by this fly box:


Size: There are two different size options for this fly-box.

The large and the small. The large size can contain more flies & streamers on its foam.

Besides the box is super slim and thick. The thickness is only about a half inches.

Foam Types: The fly-box also features different types of foam options depending on the flies you’re going to store.

The options are the Easy foam, Slit Foam & the Slot Foam-Liner with having the supplementary option for choosing large or small size.

Besides, it also features a 12 and 18 compartment foam options that you can choose if you’re planning to store your small flies in a more organized manner.

Body: The body of the fly-box is made of high-quality plastic that ensures its overall durability. In addition, the foams are made of closed cell.

Design: The body of the fly-box is a bit transparent that makes the fishing box more clear and visible to you.

Besides, it’s compact and ultra-slim design can be easily fitted in a pocket and enable you to easily carry it with you.


  • Two different size options
  • Ultra-slim & thick
  • Closed-Cell Foams
  • Durable Plastic Body
  • Transparent from the outside
  • Compact & Easy to Carry


  • Can hold a limited number of flies.

2. New Phase Salmon Fly Box by Kingfisher


Our Honest Rating

The New Phase Salmon by Kingfisher is an ideal option for you if you’re looking for a fly-box that can hold a large collection of Streamers and Flies.

Besides, it’s a waterproof fly-box that has been made with high-quality & durable plastic.

Let’s explore some other features offered by this particular fly-box.


Size: The New Phase fly-box features a double-sided chamber facility that can easily hold a large number of flies inside it. The overall dimension of the box is around 7.5” x 4.5” x 1.75”.

Body: The body is made of high-quality strong plastic that ensures its overall durability.

It also features hinge pins that are made of pure stainless steel with snap-tight latch & Rubber gasket seals.

Capacity: The box can hold up to 363 flies at a time. Just imagine, how much flies you can store on this particular fly-box.

The double-sided compartments made it perfect to carry two times more flies in the box. Besides, you’ll be able to carry large saltwater flies in the box.

Slit-Foam: The New Phase fly-box features pre-slit foam slots that are made from high-density foam materials. It ensures its longevity and durableness.

Waterproof: The unique feature of this fly-box is its waterproof function which keeps all your flies in a dry condition.


  • Double-sided chamber
  • Holds up to 363 flies
  • Durable Plastic Body
  • Pre-slit Foam Slots
  • Waterproof Functionality


  • Flies cannot be seen while the box is closed.

How to Find the Good Fly Box for you?

Now, we’ll talk about some of the crucial aspects that you must know in order to find the better fly box for you. So let’s explore them:

01) Firstly, as you’re buying the fly box to store your all-favorite collection of different flies, it’s better to choose a larger box.

Because you can be able to store more flies in just one box. It will also save you from buying multiple boxes to store your larger flies that require more space.

02) Now, if you’re a beginner fly-fisher, you can definitely choose the small one as it’ll be more convenient to carry because of its compact facility.

03) There might be multiple foam options for your fly-box. Choose the one that is ideal to store your desired flies.

Some foams come with 12 or 18 compartments storing feature. If you have a diversified collection of flies and you want to store them in an organized manner, you can choose these foam options to find the required fly right away.

04) Look for the durability and material of its body. If it’s been made from high-quality plastic or metal, that would a great option to choose.

Besides, if you’re looking for a durable fly-box that is light and enables you to carry conveniently, you can choose the plastic made option.

05) Some Fly-boxes has double-sided compartments. Guess what, you can store two times more flies than the single one.

06) There are also fly-boxes where the body cover is a bit transparent. This will allow you to look inside all your available flies without necessarily opening the box cover.

Finally, some boxes also feature a waterproof function. This keeps your all flies in a dry condition. Choose them if you’re in need of this feature.

Final World

We believe our guide has helped you to find the best fly-box for you. In addition, we’ve also shown you two of the fly fishing box reviews that are currently available on the market.

Thanks for being with us. We appreciate your support.


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