How To Make A Wooden Fly Box? Step By Step Guides

How to make a wooden fly box? Ok, Here’s the detail answer!

Are you someone who has been a passionate fishing lover? If you are, then it is a must that you are always in need of different types of fly boxes, and this requires you to spend a good amount of hard-toil money.

But, what if we say that onwards you don’t need to spend such huge amount on the fly box anymore?

Do you feel surprised and considering the fact to be impossible? Actually, you shouldn’t because you can enjoy the benefit by simply making a wooden fly box by yourself about what you might have been ignored so far. Hence, today, our article presents you with how to make a wooden fly box in detail. We humbly recommend you remain glued till the end to enjoy fishing and savings together.

You Can See The Tutorial

Make your own wooden fly box?

wooden fly box

Although the making process is slightly complicated yet in this article, the entire thing is presented, dividing into several simple steps for your easy comprehensibility.

Let’s begin!

Choosing perfect wood: As the fly box isn’t going to be used for any confidential job and at the same time you will be carrying from place to place, so from this perspective, you should choose softwood that comes from pine, cedar or fir tree. Such type of wood is satisfactorily strong, and light yet comes for comparatively less price.


For example, you are to preserve 300 largest size lures, the ideal fly box size would be 380 mm*200 mm*40 mm.

You will be delighted to know that this size of the fly box is enough to hold up to 600 nymphs and such a giant box would cost you a thousand dollar to purchase.

Cutting precisely:

Now, it’s time to cut the bulk size of wood into your required size of pieces. For easy cutting, you can use a small size handsaw.

Once the cutting is done, you should have two large flat wood pieces where one will be a bit larger than the other. The larger piece is for box-cover while the other one is for ground.

Besides, there would be 8 pieces of slender-like wood. These will be used as the edge-guards of ground and cover.

Gluing the pieces:

Use a strong adhesive to join the edge-guards on the four brinks of both ground and cover. Leave the floor and cover for some time so that adhesive can dry up properly.

By this time, you will have a completely built-up ground and cover!

Attaching a foam or mattress: In this step, you have a simple task to do that is- attaching either a piece of foam or mattress to the ground using tough adhesive.

Before choosing any foam or material, you should ensure that it doesn’t suck water that much.

Here goes your newly built wooden fly box within limited budget and time as well!

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Final words

So, what do you think? Isn’t it better to learn how to make a wooden fly box in a home environment instead of spending cash on buying the same thing? We expect your answer to be a big ‘Yes.’ However, it is never wise to jump to the making process without going through the entire section several times. Otherwise, your hard attempt may go in vain that we never want to happen with you.