Baitcaster Setup For Beginners | Follow Easy Process

My name is Shirley Carrillo from honest fishers. Today I am talking about baitcaster setup for beginners!

If you are a beginner level baitcaster, who has been in frustration for being a failure in effective baitcasting repeatedly then congratulations you are at the right place. Because, in the following article, we will be introducing you to the complete guideline – baitcaster setup.

As we expect you to be a learner, so the entire write up is formed of several tiny sections for your easy understanding. We guarantee once you go through each of the segments and keep practicing following the given instructions, you will discover yourself as a pro-level baitcaster in no time.

Tools required for baitcasting

Successful setup of baitcaster is never possible without a combination of perfect tools. Hence, here follow our suggestions regarding your selection of baitcasting equipment very shortly.

  • Baitcaster: There are basically two sorts of baitcasters: centrifugal and magnetic. As you are a beginner level baitcaster, so you better go for the centrifugal one that offers superior quality braking system.
  • Bait: Selection of bait entirely depends on your preference and type of setup. For example, there are hard baits, jerk baits, swimbaits, spoons, and so on. Here, you can independently choose any one after your mind. 
  • Rods: Although numerous types of baitcasting rods are there in the market yet the pro level baitcasters mostly recommend either a graphite or fiberglass rod.  
  • Line: Braided line is found to be the most popular baitcasting line among the baitcasters. So, these were all our equipment related suggestions for you. Now, it’s up to you whether you will adopt the combination or not. 

Guideline of baitcasting setup for beginners

Now that you have been introduced to the required baitcasting tools, it’s time to center the concentration on- baitcaster setup for beginners. The entire guideline follows step by step. 

01. Locate the braking system: If you are using a centrifugal baitcaster, follow our recommendation. You can find the braking system by simply removing the side plate, which is on the opposite side to the handle of the reel. 

But, if your baitcaster is magnetic, you don’t need to locate the braking system instead of adjusting the knob.

02. Adjust the braking system: For the adjustment of the braking system, there are two essential paths for you. One is engaging the brakes pushing the “inward levers” to the center, while the other is disengaging the brakes shoving the “braking levers” away from the center. 

Here, you must keep in mind that disengaging of the brakes lets you enjoy comparatively longer casts yet may backlash at any time.

03. Adjust the tension knob: There is no doubt that the tension knob is responsible for increasing the spool tension. So, a well-adjustment of tension knob is a must for a useful baitcasting experience.

Tightening of the knob requires you to alter the knob as per the clock way. On the contrary, loosening requires you to turn it against the clock. 

04. Observe the tension: As the tension is set, it’s time to test it. At first, hold the rod tip before you and disengage it pressing the button given for spool release. Keep adjusting the tension knob whilst the bait gently falls on the ground. 

Remember that there mustn’t be any backlash when the bait is falling.

05. Have a secure grip of the baitcaster: Use your dominant hand to hug all around the reel and rod handle of the baitcaster. For error-free casting, you must ensure that your thumb is stable on the spool and spool-release switch. 

06. Let the line go: You can never expect an excellent cast without discharging a sufficient amount of line. For beginners like you, it is wise to let 8″-12″ of line hang before casting. You should measure the length of the line from rod-tip to the bait.

07. Release the spool and cast: Finally, the time has come for releasing the spool. To do this, you need to click the spool-release-switch. As soon as the spool is released, you must place your thumb on the spool so that the line cannot start running automatically.

After spool release, here comes the phase of casting that you can accomplish following any technique with what you feel relaxed. However, this is to keep you informed that as a beginner you will feel more flexible with ‘heavy brake’ because this type of brake makes a comparatively short cast.

Here ends the thrilling guideline on baitcaster setup for beginners. As a mere learner, you mustn’t ignore or put less emphasis on any of the steps. This will make your baitcasting a nightmare.   

You Can See the Tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a good baitcasting reel for beginners?

Ans: Actually, we are here not to promote any specific brand instead of giving you constructive suggestions.

So, in relation to your selection of baitcasting reel, we would like to recommend you to have such a lightweight reel, offers smoother casting, and non-corrosive.

Then, you may consider the size of the handle, although it does have comparatively less importance. 

Q2. How do you use a baitcaster?

Ans: We think our article has been all about this topic and we have discussed it in detail in the “Guideline of baitcasting setup for beginners” section. But, then here goes the summarized diagram for your better comprehension: 

Locate the braking system → adjust the braking system→ adjust the tension knob→ observe the tension→ have a secure grip of the baitcaster→ let the line go→ release the spool and cast. 

Q3. What is the best Baitcaster combo?

Ans: We have mentioned earlier that we are not here to promote any brand so that we will provide you a general idea of the ultimate baitcaster combo.

Such a combo contains either aluminum or graphite made frame, shielded ball bearings, forged spool with drilled hole, rubber-made medium size handle, and titanium or similar sturdy material made line guides. 

You can buy such baitcaster combo readymade offered by numerous brands.

Q4. What are brakes for on baitcaster?

Ans: Brakes are very vital to baitcaster those are highly helpful to control the discharge of the lines. If there were no braking system then as a beginner or pro-level baitcaster, you would be unable to release line and keep it hold as per requirement. Eventually, your baitcasting would turn into a disaster. 

Final words

So, this was all from our part regarding- baitcaster setup for beginners. We have tried the utmost to present everything. Now, it is you who must make sure that every single info is understood well going through the writing repeatedly. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the accidental worst experience.

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