Why Is Boga Grip So Expensive?

Fishing requires anglers to utilize various fishing gear and among which Boga grip is the most preferred one. Although this tool facilitates fishing adventures, it comes at a high price. So, what makes it so pricey, and why is Boga grip so expensive?

First of all, it is IGFA certified and made of premium-quality materials. Besides, it performs well for an extended duration without catching rust and corrosion. Also, it allows single-handed operation and is ideal to use in both fresh and saltwater.

Apart from all these reasons, we found several other causes for this tool being so expensive and describe them below to help you understand. So, without delaying more, let’s read.

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Why Is Boga Grip So Expensive?

We have already described some facts and will share some notable ones. So, let’s begin.

1. Versatility:

The Boga Grip fishing gear is available in three models with different scales, including Model 315, Model 130 & Model 260.

And these models are perfect for wade and surf anglers. These models can measure fish from 15 lbs. up to 60 lbs. That means you can choose the model that suits your needs the best.

With these tools, you can easily land, handle, and weigh freshwater and saltwater fish, regardless of the fish’s size. That stated, such versatility isn’t easy to find in other items.

2. Scale:

The significant feature of any fishing gripper is its scale. Like low-quality fishing tools, the Boga grip doesn’t include any digital scale. Instead, it features some weight marks on its stainless steel shaft.

Hence, there is no chance of getting inaccurate readings. When you attach a fish to its jaw, and the fish pulls down the shaft with its weight, you will notice that the rod reveals weight marks based on the tension.

The only downside of this scale is that it is quite challenging to read in low-light conditions. So, considering this fact, you may miss the digital scale.

3. Gripper:

The gripper is another reason for the Boga grip being so expensive. Unlike other fishing scales, the Boga grip comes with a soft retractable gripper. The nice thing about this gripper is that it is made of top-grade material and can rotate axially.

Thus, no matter how hard the grabbed fish squirm, Boga grip’s jaws won’t break or lose their tension. Instead, they will hold your fish securely in position without hurting the fish for as long as you want.

4. Weight:

Usually, most fishing scales tend to be quite bulky, but the Boga grip is comparatively light than others due to its high-quality stainless steel construction. Because of this, this tool is quite expensive.

Its steel structure has some circumference, and its springs are also heavy-duty. Still, this fishing gear is lightweight, and its weight ranges from 9 ounces up to 1.5 pounds.

All in all, it gives you a premium feel and peace of mind about working with one of the robust and lightest fishing scales of the present times.

5. Rust & Corrosion Resistance:

As you know, the Boga grip consists of premium-quality stainless steel and plastic. It doesn’t catch corrosion and rust over time. So, you can go saltwater fishing, bass fishing, and more for countless years.

And every time you weigh fish using your Boga grip, you will have the experience of utilizing a brand new fish scale.

Another major benefit it provides is that it relieves you from replacing batteries or experiencing troubles like short-circuiting during saltwater fishing that many anglers face using digital fishing scales.

Finally, maintaining this fishing tool is effortless, so its manufacturers decide to keep its price high considering all these facts.

6. Additional Functions:

Most fishing scale brands will give you only the scale for your money, but this Boga grip will provide something extra like a quality lanyard. And this is another reason why this fishing gear is so expensive.

However, speaking of the lanyard’s benefit, it will prevent your Boga grip from falling into the water while weighing your fish.

Apart from that, Boga grip also offers an added float that will keep your fishing tool floated on water if somehow you drop it into the ocean.

So, such functions and facilities you can merely find in other fishing scales, which is why this gear falls into the premium category and comes with a high price.


1. How Accurate Are Boga Grips?

Boga grips are accurate if you use them correctly. However, some anglers reported that these grips are 100% accurate until you weigh fish over 15 pounds.

2. How Do You Read A Boga Grip?

Reading a Boga grip is effortless. To read, first, you need to clamp a fish and then look at the weight marks that the shaft reveals right after you hang the fish. As the fish pull down the jaw, the shaft will show weight marks, which is the weight of your fish.

3. How Do You Clean A Boga Grip?

It’s actually quite simple. Simply use warm water and a soft cloth. Make sure you wipe down all crevices with the cloth. After that, rinse the area with warm water. Done!


Boga grip is a handy tool even though it comes at a high price. The reason for its being expensive is the material, design, and functionalities that you won’t find in other landing tools.

So, now you know why this fishing tool is so pricey. If you have no budget concerns, this is the tool for you. That’s all for this content. To get more information about fishing, stay connected and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.