Why Do Fish Jump Out Of The Water?

Have you ever seen a fish jump out of the water when fishing? It’s no wonder that it’s an amazing event to watch but have you ever wondered why do fish jump out of the water?

There are varied reasons behind the fish leaping out of the water. They do it when they have an inadequate amount of dissolved oxygen. Also, they perform this chore to escape predators, remove parasites or find potential mates.

Alongside these factors, there are a couple more reasons why they leap out of the water, and in this article, we will discover some of the significant causes. So, if you are curious about this phenomenon, keep reading.

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Some Significant Reasons Why Fish Jump Out Of The Water:

Fishes leap out of the water for many reasons, and below, we have described the most significant causes behind their jumping. So, let’s read.

Why Fish Jump Out Of The Water

01. To Fool Predators:

Fish jump out of the water to dodge predators. When the chase begins between fishes and predators, fishes start heading vigorously deep inside the water and sometimes leap out of the water.

The nature of this chase isn’t like the cats and mouse chase, where cats are always after mice. On the contrary, predatory fishes make a sudden attack and catch their prey. And their attack’s timing can be anywhere between day and night.

02. To Collect Food:

Any species requires food to survive, and fish are no exception. Some fishes eat food remaining above the water or fly in the air. One such fish is the bass that catches dragonflies, and crickets in the air.

Another exciting fact regarding this fish jump is that some fishes can leap out of the water and reach a greater distance to catch various insects.

For instance, the silver Arowana can catch prey perching on tree branches or leaves. And some fishes like the monkey fish can catch even flying birds and bats just by jumping out of the water.

03. To Get Rid Of Parasites:

Some fishes get out of the water to get rid of parasites. Fishes can’t clean their bodies using their mouth or other organs like other species.

Hence, they leap out of the water to remove any pesky critters or parasites from their skins; you can say it is sort of their last attempt to get rid of those irritating parasites.

04. To Breathe:

Sometimes the levels of oxygen inside water decrease due to water pollution. Thus, some fishes can’t breathe dissolved oxygen. So, they leap out of water in search of oxygen.

One such fish is the African catfish, which gets out of the water to breathe and survive.

05. To Mate:

During procreation time, some fishes like the coho, sockeye, etc., conduct a long swim and swim through challenging-to-pass waterfalls.

While swimming, they sometimes leap out of the water, probably showing their mates strength, speed, and stamina. In this way, they lure their mates for copulation and produce offspring.

06. To Hang Around:

Some fishes gather in one place and swim together in a group. You can spot such fishes in Mexico’s gulf. This area is a nursery for certain fishes. They gather here, and both male and female fishes start swimming in the same direction.

And while swimming, they get out of the water for no reason. However, some scientists believe that these fishes leap out of the water either out of excitement or lure the potential mate.

07. To Pass Obstacles:

Sometimes, fishes leap out of the water to pass obstacles. While swimming, they face floating objects like buoys, bottles, or other things.

Hence, these fishes jump out of the river and pass floating materials to keep their swimming smooth. Some fish like salmon tend to leap out of the water to pass natural obstacles.

08. In Search Of Better Place:

When the water gets contaminated, fish try to escape and swim vigorously toward various destinations in search of a better place.

And during their journey, sometimes they get out of the water to leave toxic, smelly water behind while hoping they might land in a suitable and comfortable place.

The same reason applies to your aquarium fish. They also jump out of the tank to escape toxic water.

However, if you wanna know more reasons why your fishes leap out of the tank, you may read the next section of this article.

Some Causes Why Aquarium Fishes Jump Out Of Tanks

Aquarium fishes are known for their tendency to jump out of tanks. This can be a nuisance and cause damage to your aquarium.

Why Aquarium Fishes Jump Out Of Tanks

Anyway, below, we have shared the most common reasons why your aquarium fish jump out of the water and have described how you can prevent them from leaping out of the tanks. Let’s read.

01. They Are Scared:

One common reason why aquarium fishes jump out of tanks is that they don’t feel safe in their surroundings.

If there aren’t enough hiding places, your fish may feel like it’s in danger and try to escape. Hence, you can add more plants and decorations to make your aquarium more secure for fish.

02. No Companions:

Another reason why aquarium fishes may jump out of tanks is that they are trying to mate.

If there aren’t any other fish around for your aquarium fish to interact with, it may become frustrated and try to jump out of the tank in search of a mate. To prevent this from happening, you can try adding another fish or two to the tank.

03. Contaminated Water:

If your tank water contains toxic elements like ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites, your tank fish will have problems with breathing oxygen. Thus, it might jump out of the tank to survive.

Hence, to help it out, you can restrain these toxic substances from building up. And to do that, you should accomplish the tank maintenance tasks regularly.

That said, you can utilize an aquarium vacuum cleaner to clean those substances. You can also use a biological filter to break down ammonia and filter out all the other harmful chemicals from the tank water.

04. The Fluctuations Of Water Temperature:

Fishes are sensitive to water temperature. And when the water temperature rises too high or low, your tank fishes can jump out of the water.

You can avert this water-temperature issue by setting up a water heater next to the filtration system. Furthermore, you can insert an aquarium thermometer to monitor the temperature.

When you notice the temperature is too low, you can switch on the heater and replace the tank water when you notice the temperature is too high.

05. Fish Jam:

Some tank fishes don’t prefer staying in crowded places. So, they tend to jump out of the water due to aggression.

However, you can solve this issue just by reducing the size of the fish stock in your tank. You can use two or more aquariums for placing a whopping amount of fish.

06. Pesky Critters Or Parasites:

The last reason your tank fish comes out of the water is due to parasites or other critters. When your tank water is polluted, your fish need to deal with several problems like skin parasites.

When the tank fish gets infested, it leaps out of the water to get rid of the parasites and damage.

Hence, you need to examine fish carefully, and if you find an infection caused by parasites, you should take the essential steps to keep the tank environment safe and healthy.

So, these are all causes why fish leap out of the water. Let us now answer some frequently asked questions on fish jumping.


Why Do Fish Jump Out Of The Water Near Shore?

Many reasons cause fish to jump out of the water near the shore or at the beach. Such as, it might get attacked by predators, or the water may be polluted. It can also get out of the water for food or potential mates.

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of The Water In Florida?

Due to excitement, some Florida fishes like tarpon, mullet, and seatrout tend to leap out of the water. Some even get out of the water to escape predators.

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of The Pond?

When the water is too hot, fish jump out of the pond, another cause is that predators or any other threat might threaten them. Sometimes, they leap out of the pond to explore their surroundings.

Wrapping Up:

You know now why fish leap from the water. Some scientists believe that fishes jump out of the water while catching bugs in the air. Some think it’s because they are startled, and others believe these fishes have something to do with their mating habits.

No matter the reason, it’s definitely an interesting phenomenon to watch! Have you ever seen any fish leaping out of the water? If you have, let us know by sending a message on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.