Piscifun Fly Line Review For Beginners

Piscifun Fly Line Review
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Hey everyone, today’s topic is – Piscifun fly line review! Being a lover of fly fishing, you must be wondering about the best types of equipment for making your fishing trip a memorable one.

The fly fishing industry is full of different types of fly lines which is one of the most important equipment to gear up your fishing.

While surfing on the market for the best fly line, you will get many piscifun fly line review from the users.

Piscifun is currently one of the most leading brands in the fly fishing industry.

Those are our choice for the best fishing lines for the money:

  • Piscifun Sword Series Fly Fishing Line
  • Piscifun braided fly line backing

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2 Best Piscifun Fly Line Reviews

These Piscifun Fly Line Review will show you that they include features for fisherman of every category. These fly lines possess all the features that denote the best fly line.

I’m writing here all the details about these 2 fly lines so that you can choose the one appropriately according to your budget:

#1. Piscifun Sword Series Fly Fishing Line

It is an innovative PVC coated fly line having a good range of distance for casting, high durability, and quality performance.

This weight forward line is one of the best fly lines in the market now.

After discussing it thoroughly, you will also consider it to be in your cart for sure.

Let me discuss in details-

Piscifun Sword Series Fishing Line | Piscifun Fly Line Review

This is the current price of these piscifun sword series fly line at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Let’s explore all the features offered by this fly lines:

  • Length: it is of 90ft – 100ft in length which gives a good range of distance for casting and matching with a fly rod.
  • Color: Piscifun can give you versatility in choosing the color. It has 7 different colors to choose from. Color selection is important to see through your peripheral vision especially while fishing in sea water.
  • Figure: This line features a lengthier head and a bigger diameter than many others. Also, it contains interlaced core for any kind of weather.
  • Core: This Piscifun fly line contains interlaced core that is suitable for any kind of weather which makes it different from others.
  • Coating: The PVC coating contains integrated slickness throughout to provide proper lubrication for performance, durability and maximum distance.
  • Looping: Piscifun fly line features a fresh enhanced and sleek welded loop that makes leader attachment swiftly while at repeated use. This feature also helps in transferring energy proficiently to the leader aiding better turnover. These features give it some pros to focus on like-

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#2. Piscifun braided fly line backing

Piscifun braided fly line backing is a popular backing in the industry due to its efficiency. This line has the quality to stretch very little and does more efficient casts.

Furthermore, it is a cost-worthy one than the other fly lines in the market.

Piscifun braided fly line backing

This is the current price of these piscifun braided fly line at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com).

Let’s explore all the features offered by this fly lines:

  • Length: Piscifun gives you a line of 91cm/100 Yds and 275cm/ 300 Yds which will match with a typical fly rod properly. So a customer needs not to be anxious while setting up for his fishing.
  • Drag power: Two versions are available: 9.1kg/20LB and 13.6kg/30LB. You can choose any one of it depending on the type of fish that you are going to catch for fishing smoothly.
  • Friction coefficient: This backing gives Low coefficient of friction which will not damage the fly rod guides.
  • Ability: Easier to make knots than other brands that are thin but need to tight a weave for a blind splice loop. It also features a good ability to make blind splice loops.
  • Color: This fly line can be found in 3 colors – orange, white and fluorescent yellow. Variety in colors is important for the beginners especially to get their confidence. So choose accordingly.
  • Capacity: Retains 100% of its strength while it is in the water which can give you the full control of it to do the casting. This feature surely makes it the best option to grab.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Fly Line:

Buying a fly line can be tricky, especially for the beginners. You need to look out for several factors. Focus on these points while choosing the best fly line for yourself-


Fly lines are of different weights measured in grains (14 grains = 1 gram). You need to choose the fly line’s weight according to the flies you will use. Let me explain-

  • 1-3 weights: ideal for small fishes and catching larger ones in small streams.
  • 4 weights: perfect for catching huge fishes where there is no necessity to make long casts.
  • 7 weights: suitable for fishing in rivers.
  • Over 8 weights: appropriate for catching huge games.


A typical fly line length ranges to 80’-90’. This length, combining with the fly line backing will cover up every situation of fishing almost.

Casting distance:

There are 2 ways to look at this feature. They are:

The thicker and more massive one might not cast a large distance as a light, thin line.

The constructing material of the fly line also impacts this feature. For example- a 30 lbs. braid casts a longer range than 20 lbs. fluorocarbon.

Casting categories:

Different methods of castings are there like Nymphing, Roll casting, shooting. These also depend on your fly line length.


The coating of the fly line core controls for how long the line can last. For example- PVC coating, polyurethane coating, polyethene coating etc.

Polyethene coated lines can be shot farther away compared to PVC coated fishing lines.

Fly line taper:

This feature is important to consider to assist the angler with the casting more professionally. 

The length, shape, thickness and diameter of this taper are important to determine the energy which is transmitted and dispersed during the casting.

There are mainly 4 types of tapers and each are formed to meet specific needs. They are-

  • Weight forwarded taper: It is the best one for beginners. This includes a front end where the first thirty feet is weightier than the other tapers of the line.
  • Shooting taper: It is great for long distance casting in fast rivers and also in rough conditions. The section at the front of this is stout and short for forming a loop for casting.
  • Saltwater taper: This is mostly suitable for trout fishing and for combining with heavy flies. So, this one is excellent for catching large fishes on saltwater.
  • Double taper: It is the ideal type for skilled anglers. Suitable for both small and medium rivers. This designation makes this fly line very economical as when one side wears out, you can change the line for using the other side.

Matching with a fly rod:

Selecting the suitable fly rod for the fly line is required for the casting motion.

The weight of the rod doesn’t need to be matched with the fly line.

But the rate of casting motion and the flex speed of the rod needs to be well-matched with each other for the optimal result.

How To Attach Piscifun Fly Line To Fly Reel?

Follow these steps serially-

  • Remove the twist ties holding the lines.
  • Grab the side which has a tag saying “attach this side to the backing”.
  • Put the backing through the top of nail knot tool. Then down into the slot at the tip of the tool
  • Then wrap tightly like 5-6 times holding with your index finger with each wrap.
  • Push the wraps together so there will be no space among them.
  • Push the tag end through the wraps from the back end up through to the front
  • Finally, now take your fly line to insert the end through the wraps.
  • Grip the tag tightly and make a pool to pull the knot off the tool and onto the fly line.
  • After the knot has seated properly, snip the tag ends of backing and the fly line closely.
  • Now take the fly line spool and poke a hole in the label
  • Slide the spool onto a line spooling tool. (Don’t set the spool on the ground and start reeling as this will twist the line and everything will be ruined.)
  • Use a tool or pen to hold the spool while winding on to prevent the line from getting twisted
  • Start reeling your line up on to the reel and do this with a little bit tension.
  • After reeling fully on the line, it is attached and the task completes.

Why Piscifun Is Better Than Other Brands?

In the above section, I have mentioned the features of the best fly line and Piscifun brand possess most of them.

Here is why I think Piscifun is better than most other brands:

  • They are designated and made most versatile for all kind of users
  • Their product construction and development is based on customers’ needs.
  • Their color versatility attracts the customers promptly.
  • Short and long castings both are easily manageable by this brand
  • They can tackle every weather situation for fishing.
  • Piscifun fly lines show less disappointment and more contentment.
  • Their base material gives them good stability and durability for repeated usage.
  • More cost-friendly than most of the brands in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best fly line weight for trout?

Ans: In the above “buying guide” section, I have discussed it. The weight varies situation to situation for trout.

Q. What is a tippet line?

Ans: Tippet is the light portion of the material that one attach on one end to the end of the leader and on the other end to the fly.

Q. What does fly line backing do?

Ans: Fly line backing is used when a ton of line is pulled off the reel. It is used to fight big fishes.

Q. Which Piscifun fly line should I choose?

Ans: It depends on you actually considering the weather, type of fish etc.

Q. Is Piscifun fly line suitable for beginners?

Ans:  Yes, it is. It is designed to be used by beginners as well as expert anglers.

Q. Can I trust on the stability of piscifun fly line?

Ans: Yes, you can. These lines are made with those core material which can keep them stronger for the long run.

Final Words:

It is time to wrap up the article. I hope after reading this Piscifun fly line review article, you have a clear idea on which one to buy.

Both of the Piscifun fly lines mentioned in this article provide excellent value for the money.

They acquired outstanding reviews from hundreds of customers around the world. So, you can choose any one depending on your preference.

Also, the buying guide should help you out massively when buying a fly line. Look out for the factors mentioned in the buying guide carefully.

For any question, do not forget to ask us in the comment box below. We’ll get to you as soon as we can.

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