Friday, September 25, 2020
How Long Does A Fish Sleep?

How Long Does A Fish Sleep? Details Info For Fishing Lovers

I am Shirley Carrillo from Honest Fishers. Did you ever see your pet fish having ‘shut-eye’ moments? Hard to remember, right? But, it barely suggests that they don’t sleep. Truth is most of them...
Fishing in the Rain

Is Fishing In The Rain Good For Catching Trout? Honest Fishers

Rain always brings extra water that affects the surface and creates the current. Fish have a knack for sensing passing fronts, temperatures, and water pressure. Fishing in the rain tangles anglers into situations that...
Baitcaster Setup for Beginners

Baitcaster Setup For Beginners | Follow The Easy Process

My name is Shirley Carrillo from honest fishers. Today I am talking about baitcaster setup for beginners! If you are a beginner level baitcaster, who has been in frustration for being a failure in effective...
How Does A Fish Finder Work

How Does A Fish Finder Work? [Explained For Beginners]

HOW DOES A FISH FINDER WORK? The world is changing rapidly with the help of technology. Technology has taken the world at a different level. Things that seemed impossible are now done with a...
Different Type Of Fish

Different Type Of Fish: A 400 Million Years History

Welcome to my website. Today's topic is - DIFFERENT TYPE OF FISH: Fish is one of the oldest creatures on earth. They are on earth for a very long time, scientists even say, more...
How to Hook a Minnow

How To Hook A Minnow? Enjoy The Visuals | Honest Fishers

Today's topic is - How to hook a minnow! Minnows are the most effective baitfish. But, how you hook a minnow is what determines the success of getting a bite. Yes, when hooked correctly,...
how to fish with a spinner

How To Fish With A Spinner : Effective Tips For You

Fishing with spinner rigs is an exciting fishing technique. That’s why today, the question arises a lot on “How to fish with a spinner?” This is known as an effective technique because, if you...

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