How To Put Backing On A Fly Reel, Line And Leader?

HI! Guys

From few days some anglers are requesting me to show how I tie backing on a fly reel within a few minutes. In my beginning, I also faced this problem. That’s why I realize their feelings. Due to this, I was waste lots of backing and fly line.

That made me disappointed in fishing. Now it is a very easy, sturdy, but not a massive thing for me. That’s why today I’m here to tell you how to put a backing on a fly reel.

Here I show it Part by Part for you guys –

If you know few fly fishing knots and learn the accurate way to accomplish them to tie accordingly backing, fly line and leaver on the reel, then you will make it ready for action. You’ll be able to fish several times without feeling uncomfortable casting on the water by using strong fishing knots.

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Part One: Attaching backing to fly reel

So, let’s scrutinize how to do it step by steps:

First of all, we’ll tie the backing to our reel by arbor knot. That’s why I am taking a new reel. Then remove the spool of the reel.

Take the starting head point of the backing. Warp it around the spool in 2 full tosses of the reel. It gives the backing a good, solid, anchor on the spool. Now we are making an arbor knot.

How to bind an Arbor knot?

How to bind an Arbor knot?

For this, I take the head point to hold the backing and the tag together.

Take the endpoint of the tag to wrap around the big into the backing and make an overhand knot.

Again I wrap the backing by the tag which I hold together and make a double overhand knot.

So, I make it 3times (it depends on 2 to 6 times about the thickness of the rope).

How to put backing on a fly reel?

Now pull the backing to tighten the loose ends. But don’t too tight it yet. Take it to slide through on the reel. Now give another double overhand knot on the end of the tag end. It will prevent the arbor knot slipping off from spindle. Now pull the backing right and left to attach the arbor knot with the end knot. Actually, it makes a strong ligament.

Wow! Now it’s ready to spool the backing around on the reel. Let’s spool it by rolling the handle attached on the reel.

How much backing on fly reel salmon?

At first, you should read the instruction that you get from the reel. And learn the abject length of the backing you need to spool into the reel. You need to spool 50% backing in your reel. Since the fly lines diameter are not same at all. That’s the reason for taking 50% loops on the reel.

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Part Two: Tying fly line to backing

Tying fly line to backing - How to put backing on a fly reel

I know you have the question on your mind how to tie fly line onto backing?

Today I am showing you how to use nail knot to tie the fly line. So! Now, are you ready to learn how to tie fly line to backing with a nail knot?

Let’s move forward!!!

Now we tie the backing and fly line by nail knot. Of course, it’s so easy to ties these 2 lines. When you open an intake fly line, you need to remove 2 ties.

Find out the end of the line is so easy for the tag on it. And also you can see a loop at the end of the line. This modern age the flight lines are coming with the loop.

But remember the most important thing that you must tie it very well. If you fail to do it, you never get back your 2 valuable things. One is the fish as well as another thing is your expensive fly line.

How to make a nail knot?

So, we need to tie the knot properly. That’s why at first, I cut off the loop that has on the first edge of the fly line. I like tying fly line to backing nail knot.

To do this, we are going to take a piece of tippet to make a temporary loop. I need to hold the two ends of this tippet bind by a scotch tape to make the monofilament loop. We also need a stiffener.

I hold the fly line beside the stiffener and place the looped middle of them on the left hand. Now take the backing edge to tie our nail knot tools.

We know another backing edge we already joint with the fly real. And now we hold the backing on the opposite direction of the flying line, for this, we allow 8 to 10 inches rope. We are going to bend around all bundles we hold by the end of the backing I preferred to bind it 6 to 7 times.

Sometimes, I wrap the knot 10 times. Generally, I do it for saltwater or sinking fly line. So, after round the knot 7 times, I move the rope out of my way and take the edge to push it down, going through the little loop that I made.

We are almost near to make a nail knot. By the way, don’t lose the fingertips. Hold the bundle properly with one hand and pull down the loop gently by another hand till it is tight and take down the backing tag down. Now grab your stiffener and pull it out.

Don’t…….remind again that, don’t lose the nail knot to let it go off from the finger.

Then pull out the whole loop to through away. It’ll take our nail knot inside our fingertips. We need to pull little tug in this end, again pull another little tug on that end of the backing. Now we are continuing this little tugging by 2 fingers.

We will pull the rope until we feel the knots are rolling and tightening up. When we feel it’s tight enough, then we remove our finger from the knot.

As a final touch, I have tightened the knot by a strong pull from both sides. Then, I cut off nicely and closely in the 2 edges of the backing and the fly line and roll it on your fly reel. In this way, we have done our fly line completely.

Part Three: How to tie the leader to the fly line?

How to tie the leader to the fly line?

This is a very simple and easy way to attach the leader to the fly line. At first, we take an intake leader that is coiled up. So, we need to undo it.

Step 1: We put the entire loop on our 3 fingers to remove the leader from the coil.

Step 2: Find out the loop end and rolled it out the leader from your finger to remove the coil. I need to push out it only 3 to 4 time.

Step 3: It’s now also in twisted up. So, I need to make it a straight line to spool in the reel. I hold the edge of the leader tightly using my thumbnail and indexing finger and pulling it through. I feel a little bit of heat up on my hand when I do it. And this heat will make it straight when the leader goes out off through on my hand.

Step 5: Tying leader to line, we’ll take the loop of the leader in one hand, and the fly line loop in another hand. Now hold the fly line, and put the loop of the leader inside the fly line loop. Then take the other end of the leader and push it to goes off inside the loop in the fly line. And pull it out together until it will take the perfect figure of EIGHT. Now pull it strongly to tight the leader and fly line.



It’s perfect!

Now we have our fly line completely ready!

Here, we have our backing, fly line and the leader to attached by each-others.

So, guys, I wish now it’s all clear to you the tricks I made to put all three things (backing, fly line, and leader) together within my reel.

Now you’ll be trying it a few times, and it will also be easy for you!