How Much Are Kayak Pools: Are They Affordable?

Having a personal swimming pool is always great. But not everyone can afford to own one. That’s why the kayak pool can be a great alternative for you! But there is an important question you should ask first, how much are kayak pools?

If you ask around, apart from a few you won’t find many people who don’t like water. Most people love to swim or enjoy water sports like solo or 2 person kayaking, fishing, etc. While open water is fun and adventurous, it isn’t safe for people who don’t know swimming.

Hence, swimming pools are perfect and the safest option for spending your leisure time. However, even swimming pools can be of different styles like everything else. For starters, you can build an in-ground or above ground swimming pool depending on your requirements!

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What is a Kayak Pool?

What is a Kayak Pool

As we are talking about types of pools, the in-ground pools are the usual ones that are built-in by digging into the ground. Whereas above ground pools are as the name suggests. They are installed above the ground as an external structure.

Ground pools used to be a normal asset that can add value to your residential properties. They are expensive and take time to be built. An above-ground pool is comparatively cost-effective and doesn’t take much time to install. It is a technological advancement after all!

A kayak pool is one type of above-ground swimming pool that you can install in your family backyard. You can even set it up yourself! The installation process is less complicated than a ground pool, not to mention the huge difference in their price range.

What You Can do in Kayak Pools

You can use a kayak pool for various purposes. Swimming, kayaking, or just spending your holiday time. If you have a solo kayak (Ex- Intex challenger k1 kayak) or a 2-person kayak (Ex- Intex explorer k2 kayak) you can have fun or burn calories while kayaking!

How Much Are Kayak Pools

How Much Are Kayak Pools? Best Info

If you are planning on building a swimming pool, you should have a proper idea about the investment in the project. Generally, a ground pool will be more costly than a kayak pool. They can take up to $30k–$70k to be exact.

The price of a kayak pool is much cheaper than a ground swimming pool. You can divide it into three categories.

  • The price of the kit can range from $3k to $7k.  
  • Installation price ranges from $1k $5k. With proper assistance, you can actually install a kayak pool yourself!
  • Price of the decking if you purchase any.

Without the decking, an average kayak pool can cost you from $4 to $12k. Your decking may cost more than the kayak pool itself, depending on the size and structure.

Benefits of Kayak Pools: 

Safety: Kayak pools are undoubtedly safer for any adults or children. As they are in a higher place from the ground, the chances of accidents decrease a lot. Unlike ground pools, you won’t have to worry about falling in the pool and risking injuries.  

Cost-Effective: This should be one of the most significant features of a kayak pool. The price! It costs way less than a ground pool. But that doesn’t mean the quality is any lesser. In fact, a kayak pool can offer you many advantages that you won’t get with a ground swimming pool!

Removable: A kayak pool is one type of pool kit that you can set in your backyards or any other open places. Due to its flexibility, you can change the location of a kayak pool whenever you want!

Less Manual Labor: You don’t need to dig to build a kayak pool. Hence, installing a kayak pool needs less labor and less time as well. Also, no need to worry about hitting any underground lines!

Low Maintenance: Starting from the pool price to maintenance, a kayak pool is a winner in all the aspects. The yearly preservation and accessories expenses are not so much if you compare with a ground pool. You can fill up or drain the pool depending on your need.

Fast Set-Up: Setting up a kayak pool may take a few days depending on the size and structure. But the time is much less than forming a ground pool. There is no digging process included, hence, the installation can be done quickly and can be used without any delay.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning a kayak pool is much easier and less time-consuming. The advanced filtration system helps to clean the water all the time. You don’t have to keep vacuuming the water anymore!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is an above ground kayak pool?

For making an above ground kayak pool, you have two consider some facts like the size of the pool, installation price, decking price, etc. All these are variable as you can fix the pool kit yourself, thus no extra charge is added.  

The deck price is also not absolute, some may include it or choose not to have any. Considering all these things, on average an above ground kayak pool can cost you from $4k to $12k.

How much does a 12×24 above ground pool cost?

The price of an above ground pool can vary depending on the size and many other factors like installation charge, deck price, etc. On average you may have to spend $4000 to $12000 on one pool. For a 12×24 foot sized pool, it will take around $11000.

Can you bury a kayak pool?

It actually depends on the structure and style of the kayak pool. Not all kayak pools possess the strong built necessary to be buried in the ground. if you bury a traditional kayak pool, it wouldn’t last more than a few seasons.

That being said, some specially built kayak pools have the structural features of an inground pool. However, it is always suggested to consult an expert before planning something like this.

Final Words:

Kayak pools are now hugely famous due to their financial and practical significance. It is more durable, low maintenance, and portable compared to the regular swimming pools. Most people can easily afford it due to low-cost.

Hence, if you are thinking of installing a pool in your backyards, consider a kayak pool as it has more advantages to offer you. Besides, the investment in a kayak pool is going to work in your favor since you can remove or relocate it accordingly.

It can last a long time if properly maintained. You can also resell it if you think you don’t need it anymore.

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