Things To Consider Before Choosing A Spincast Reel

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Spincast Reel

choosing a Spincast reel! Spincast reel is the go-to choice for beginners. The entire reel mechanism is sturdy and easy to use. Almost all of us have used the spincast tackle set up at some point in our angling saga.

Not only it is super easy to use, but it also comes with an affordable price tag.

These following ideas were extracted evaluating from hundreds of spincast reel reviews from actual users.

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Identifying the best reel:

Identifying the best spincast rod:

I evaluated these points so you can get a basic idea to get your next best spincast reel without going through the entire article.

Let’s elaborate on the basic characteristics of both Spincast rod and reel below so every one of us, especially those new anglers can interpret the right idea.

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Spincast Rod

These are the kind of blanks, that is particularly designed to accommodate a Spincast reel. Here a Spincast rod is designed to hold a Spincast reel right above the handle into the reel seat. There’s also a typical forefinger grip trigger and a few rings attached from top to bottom. Some spincast rod can be used with both Spincast and baitcasting reel. But you won’t be able to tackle big fish with a Spincast reel. Because they tend to have less power than a dedicated casting rod.

Baitcasting vs Spincast (Key differences)

The main difference between these two types of the rod is friction. A casting rod lets the line run smoothly making long and manual controlled casting easier. But the spin cast rod makes friction as the line runs along with its curved down eyelet design.

Spincast reel

Both spinning and spin-cast reel has familiar anatomy. The slight difference indicates a fixed spool with line comes off in loops. Unlike baitcasting reel which acts as a winch, spincast reel has an enclosed shell that either be plastic, metal or other material. For this particular design, it is also known as the ‘closed face’ reel.

How do you cast a Spincast reel?

It’s fairly easy to cast a Spincast reel to compare to a baitcaster. In a Spincast rod, the biggest difference between the spinning rod is the reel seat location. With the spincast rod, the reel seat is just above the pistol grip and in the spinning rod, it sits below the rod.

Bring the rod slightly back while keeping fingers on the trigger. Don’t forget to hold down the button on the spincast reel at the same time. Now all you have to do is snap the rod forward and release reel switch right after the cast. You’ll see the lure shoot from the reel and also feel the friction which controls the cast distance.

Advantages of a Spincast tackle set up

Disadvantages of spincast tackle set up

Spincast reel maintenance

I know spincast is a cheap fishing solution but still, you shouldn’t misconduct your hard-earned dollars.

Here are a few tips to keep your fishing rod and reel in pristine condition.

Is spincast reel only suitable for beginners?

In a straight answer, absolutely not. I’ve seen some avoid anglers still casting with a spincast and landing bass weigh in at least 3-4 pounds. It all comes down to personal preferences. At this one time, roughly 3 years ago, I went to visit an online friend in Bear County, Idaho. We went for a spin at the Bear lake. His grandpa joined us and to my utmost surprise, landed more fish than us using a Spincast reel.


I’m not saying that you have to choose a Spincast reel for your first fishing experience. I’ve seen people started right away with a baitcaster. Even I started casting with a spin caster nearly 2 decades ago.

The bottom line is, Spincast reel has come a long way since it was commercialized in 1949. Better ergonomic design, durable and premium material, closed face mechanism, etc has made the spin cast reel a go-to choice for the beginners and anyone who want to cast an ultralight line.

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