Can You Eat Dogfish? Know The Facts

Dogfish is an eel-like-looking fish that almost resembles a prehistoric aquatic vertebra. If you have ever caught a glimpse of the fish, let me tell you the long tail and slender body is a member of the shark family.

Now, you’re probably wondering, can you eat dogfish? The answer is yes! Dogfish is edible, and surprisingly, it’s even considered a delicious staple for some regions. If you ask those who have enjoyed a dogfish fillet, they would indeed confirm it as an item from their favorite meals. Besides that, the dogfish comes with high nutritional value as well.

Hence, to help you get rid of your concerns and skepticisms, in this article, we’re going to talk about whether you can eat different types of dogfish, eating dogfish is safe or not, and what freshwater dogfish eat.

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Can You Eat Saltwater Dogfish?

Dogfish is originally an edible marine fish, as I mentioned earlier. However, the question stands out, ‘how does dogfish taste?

Fortunately and it’s quite a surprise to those who have never tried it that it has a sweet and subtle taste if you compare it to similar marine fishes.

If we point out a few things about the texture and taste of the fish:

  • Dogfish is quite firm yet flaky when you try cooking it. However, in the case of cooking in fillets, it gets relatively firm and stable.
  • When you cook in them fillets, they become white and dense.
  • It has a subtle taste to it and a mild odor, not too fishy to be precise, unlike the similar kind of fish and shark family species of the marine.

So, what can you make out of it? Can you prepare a usual fish meal with it? Well, if you love saltwater fish, I’ve got some good news for you because you can prepare anything out of dogfish.

Whether it’s a strategic fillet, some fish tacos or chips, or a very simple fish stew, it’s all possible with the dogfish, thanks to its subtly fishy taste.

Can You Eat A Freshwater Dogfish?

A freshwater dogfish is rather ugly looking with an elongated body shape like an eel. Talking about the color, it is an olive-colored fish with brown spots on it.

The fish’s body is covered with heavy and thick scales, while the head is filled with bony plates, and there are sharp teeth inside the mouth.

From the sounds of it, we don’t think it sounds that appetizing; instead, you might ask, are dogfish poisonous? No, they are not. But do you want to eat freshwater dogfish? It is a slimy fish that most people love to catch and release.

Most game fishermen are more often regarded as ‘trash fish.’ They only use it to up their fishing game.

Can You Eat A Freshwater Dogfish?

But, still, if you want to taste the fish, the question is, ‘Can you eat a freshwater dogfish?

Yes, you can eat freshwater dogfish. It is a good source of nutrients, especially Vitamin B6 and B12, and selenium. Besides, it also contains a good amount of fat compared to other white-fleshed fish.

However, since dogfish falls in the category of the shark, it is undoubtedly at the top of the food chain, and hence it contains a considerable level of mercury. And no wonder mercury is no good for the human body.

Sometimes, as per research, the freshwater dogfish may even contain more mercury than the recommended limit by FDA. In this case, it is suggested that children, nursing women, and pregnant women do not intake dogfish or any fish from the shark family.

However, if you are all good and have a taste for fish, you can try some dogfish until you have cooked it well, like fish and chips. Besides, until you have only about one or two portions of the dogfish every month, you’re all good!

Can You Eat Bowfin Dogfish?

It’s perhaps the most commonly used nickname across the country, ‘bowfin,’ but it’s also called mudfish, swamp trout, and so on, aside from the well-known common name. Scientifically, it is known as the Amia Calva.

Bowfin may appear lethargic because they inhabit the backwaters and bogs, and their frequent slow and stealthy—almost sluggish—swimming movement is facilitated by their long, undulating dorsal fin.

Can You Eat Bowfin Dogfish?

Anyone who believes bowfin isn’t entertaining to catch is going the wrong way or has never caught a bowfin! Bowfin attack traps or bait with ferocity and have the strength even to bend the hooks. Bowfin is typically about 8-10 pounds.

Their fight can put similar game fish to a mere disgrace no matter the size. So, good luck trying to catch it without prior fishing experience!

So, the question is, ‘Can you eat a bowfin?‘ Of course, it’s a fish!

The fact is, although no one eats bowfin usually, we did find a few rugged fishermen who had tasted it. According to them and their taste buds, it’s soft, has a wrong texture, and has a bland flavor.

However, the greyish hue of the fish meat and the mushy texture played a significant role as a turn-off for using bowfin dogfish as a meal.

Can You Eat Spiny Dogfish?

Yes, no doubt on that. Spiny dogfish is an absolute treat for some people out there. You would be amazed to know how the spiny dogfish can quickly turn to fish and chips, stew, soups, and what not! And about the taste- it tastes delicious!

They are so edible that nowadays, the spiny dogfish population is facing serious trouble as they are a massive part of the commercial fishery.

Can You Eat Spiny Dogfish?

In Europe, they’re frequently used as the main element in traditional “Fish and Chips.” Since they are boneless, they are incredibly consumer-friendly.

If you want to make a meal out of it, the steps are to kill, bleed, and ice them as soon as possible. The steps are critical as they have a “primitive” digestive system that releases urea through their skin.

The flesh will spoil if you do not even bleed them and place them on ice immediately, which is why they stink as horrible as you slice them out).

The spiny dogfish is a cool-water species that eats small lobsters, crabs, and other crustaceans. This imparts a sweet codfish flavor to their flesh, making them a tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even mere snacks!

Now, you may be thinking, if the spiny dogfish is so good a fish, can you eat it raw? Millions of sushi lovers in the world would casually think if they can gobble some dogfish sushi as well, and that’s okay.

But let me tell you this, dogfish falls in the shark family, and although it is highly edible, it is something that you shouldn’t just gobble raw just because it is safe to eat.

The spiny dogfish has a tender, sweet, and mild taste, but that is only when you have cooked it well. Without a well-cooked dish of dogfish, you cannot consume it.

And we should warn you if you ever try some raw dogfish, be sure that you would never want to try dogfish ever again. If you need to have some sushi, there are hundreds of other types of fish that you can roll as sushi and relish on, but certainly, not dogfish.

It is tasty only when cooked well!

Is Dogfish Safe to Eat?

Indeed, dogfish are entirely safe to eat and far more ecological than most prominent fish. So, the answer to your question, ‘Are dogfish dangerous?‘ is negative!

Every year, thousands of tons of these fish are collected in the United States, with most exported to foreign countries. Because this sort of fish is plentiful, we wouldn’t term it safe to eat, but it’s also a terrific idea to give it a chance.

Is Dogfish Safe to Eat?

It is indeed unlikely that you’ll think dogfish looks good to eat when you first take a glance at it.

On the other hand, the meat itself is delicious and may be used in a variety of ways. It’s also more ecological than other kinds of fish, which increases US consumption and assists fishers’ economies!

What Do Freshwater Dogfish Eat?

Talking about young freshwater dogfish or simply bowfin, they usually eat insects, larvae, and microscopic organisms.

But that is only till they are 4 inches long. After they reach maturity, they start chasing and eating fish.

The majority of the diet of dogfish contains fish. From the looks of it, it seems like their favorite is the forage fish. Besides, they also like feeding on frogs, crayfish, aquatic insects, mollusks, and other slimes.

Final Words

Now that you know the ifs and buts of eating some dogfish, you should be clear whether you can enjoy a meal of dogfish or not. There are various types of dogfish, and not all taste the same, sweet and subtle.

So, what you need to do is fish for some spiny dogfish and devour on it, cooking it well if you want that sweet and mild taste. However, it’s up to you to try some different-tasting dogfish.

Well, we have now reached the conclusions of this article, and we think it’s time you enjoy a portion of baked, roasted, grilled, or boiled dogfish like you usually do, or even try for the first time.

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