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Welcome to our website – Honest Fishers! Do you know the performance of your casting majorly depends on the fly line you choose?

Well, you heard it correct! Your fly-line is pretty much essential to ensure the best performance out of your fly rod which will lead you to make more records from your angling journey.

That’s why it is extremely important to get your hands on the top fly line in the market.

Fair-enough? Okay, so keeping that in mind we’ve brought you five popular fly line reviews in this guide that will provide you a greater advantage on your fly-fishing days and help you to establish more powerful casting from your fishing rod.

In addition, the second half of this guide will cover a “buyer-guide” which will teach you about all the essential aspects of a great fishing line and will be helpful to choose the best fly line for your rod.

So let’s BEGIN:

Are You In A Hurry?

Our Test Winner After 15 + Hours Of Research (Piscifun Sword Welded Fly Line):

Piscifun Sword Welded Fly Fishing Line | Best Fly Lines
Our Honest Star Rating

Piscifun Sword Welded Fly Fishing Line Info

Why do we rate it highly?

  • Different Size & Color Options.
  • The Piscifun Sword features a sink-tip function which is basically a combination of both floating and sinking fly line.
  • Looks awesome, right? Now choose the one you like most as your fish has no special preference in choosing the color of your line.


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Our Top 5 Pic: Fly Fishing Lines (Comparison Table)

Piscifun Sword Welded Fly Fishing Line | Best Fly Lines
Our Honest Rating
SF Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line
Our Honest Rating
KastKing Exergy Fly Fishing Line | Best Fly Line
Our Honest Rating
Piscifun Tapered Leader Fishing Line
Our Honest Rating
Croch Weight Forward Fly Fishing Line
Our Honest Rating

1. Piscifun Sword Welded Forward Fishing Line

Our Honest Rating

Piscifun Sword Welded Fly Fishing Line | Best Fly Lines

The Piscifun Sword fly fishing line is a great choice for all the professional fly fishers out there.

The features of this fishing line give you an edging advantage over your fishing performance.

Besides, the line comes with various length and color options that will enable you to establish all kinds of essential casting as per your requirement.

The line also features a PVC coating that ensures its durability.

Besides, the braided core functionality lowers its memory and makes it perfect for all weather conditions.

Let’s explore some more crucial features offered by this particular line: 


Size and Length: The line comes with a different number of size and length options. The sizes range from 90 – 100 FT and the lengths are between WF-1F to WF-10F.

The size of the line indicates how long the taper would be. Besides, the 90FT is the ideal length for any fly-line.

But you also have the option to choose 100FT for establishing a longer casting.

Type: The Piscifun Sword features a sink-tip function which is basically a combination of both floating and sinking fly line.

You can place the casting wherever you want and considering your water condition.

Besides, you also have the full sinking option that gives you a flexible fishing experience as you can sink the line after assuming the exact movement position of the fish.

Line Tappers: The Piscifun Sword is a weight-forward fly line which can probably found in most of the standard fishing lines.

The taper is placed after 43-50Ft from the starting of the line & depending on the size you choose.

That first portion is called your running line & after that length, your actual taper is placed.

Colors: The line comes with seven different color options. They are Yellow with moss green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fruit Green, Moss Green, Sky blue & Orange.

Looks awesome, right? Now choose the one you like most as your fish has no special preference in choosing the color of your line.


You Can See the Tutorial: About Piscifun Sword

2. SF Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line

Our Honest Rating

SF Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line

The Name of this fly line suggests its exclusive functionalities.

With a variety of size options, you’re going to enjoy most of the essential features that can be found in any standard fishing line.

The SF Floating fishing is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a fishing line that can be effectively cast even in a windy condition.

Let’s explore some other features offered by this fishing line:


Size and Length: The line offers a diversity of size options. The length is 100FT among all sizes.

The sizes range from WF-3F to WF-8F. Besides, the 100FT long option enables you to make a longer casting.

Type: The SF Weight forward also features a sink-tip option that allows you to use the line in both floating and sinking condition.

Not-to-mention, you can place the hook wherever you want, depending on your assumption over the fish position.

Line Tappers: As the name suggests, The SF has a weight forward line control system whereas the taper is placed after 40-50 Ft from the starting point.

Besides, this particular line allows you to cast on a long distance and also give you an advantage over windy condition.

Colors: This fly line primarily comes with a unique color feature. It has the All-Viz Bi-Color attribute that works as a combination of two colors.

Sometimes we need to switch the color of the line to dark or light considering the water condition.

But this feature automatically turns into the essential color depending on whether the watercolor is dark or light.

This ensures more visibility over your line that helps you to know the exact position where your fly-line has been placed.

In addition to that, the secondary color option has four different colors to choose. Those are Fluro-Yellow, Spring-Green, Orange & Lake Blue.

Water Type: The line can be cast in all water type conditions. But usually, it is designed for fresh and warm water.


Top 3 Fly Line Review And Buying Guide

01. KastKing Exergy Fly Fishing Line


Our Honest Rating

KastKing Exergy Fly Fishing Line | Best Fly Line

KastKing Exergy is an extremely versatile fly fishing line that is usable by both experts and beginner anglers. It comes with the construction of a braided core that helps increase its sensitivity. That’s because it also helps decrease line memory for a long-lasting line.

This fly line incorporates a front-welded loop for secure leader attachment. It’s pretty useful when you’re switching out leaders for different fishing applications. It’s also integrated throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for maximum performance.

Besides that, this fly line allows to transfer energy to the leader and helps better turnover with more efficiency. If you’re looking for a high-quality fly fishing line, we recommend you have it without feeling any hassle.

02. Piscifun Tapered Leader Fishing Line

Our Honest Rating

Piscifun Tapered Leader Fishing Line

This fly line is another option in the list of best fishing accessories, which comes with a weight-forward taper. It is probably one of the easiest types of fly fishing line to cast. Even if the conditions are challenging, it features a high level of precision.

The first 30 feet of the line is strong due to the tapered front end. Although the rest of the line is thinner, you can cast accurately while fishing. It also comes in five different color options so that you can choose your favorite one.

The fly line also has a welded loop that makes it ideal for anyone who is just starting. If you’re looking for a high-quality fly fishing line, this one could be a suitable option for you.

03. Croch Weight Forward Fly Fishing Line

Our Honest Rating
Croch Weight Forward Fly Fishing Line

The Weight Forward Fly Line from Croch comes in a variety of features to cover all trout fishing. It is a useful tool to cast longer and precise better. It also features low stretch braided multifilament cores that offers stiffness and strength.

This fly line comes with the unique surface skin material that includes lower friction. Since this fly line is made from Dacron material, you can use it for many years without having any major problem.

Moreover, the fly line offers a high strength that will endure under harsh weather conditions, and won’t damage under high pressure. If you’re serious about fishing, keep in mind that this line can be your helping hand.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Top Fly Fishing Line

We’ve designed a buying guide so that you can purchase the best fishing line. In the following, we’re going to know all the aspects so that you can find the right fly line for you. 

Weight of the Line

The weight of the line has massive importance when purchasing the right fly line. The weight is ranging from 1 to 15 rank, where 1 is the lowest and 15 the highest weight. If you are casting light flies, then you might go for light fly lines. On the other side, you need to choose the heaviest one. 

Line Taper

Tapered lines are perfect for the long casts. You will find many types of tapered lines that are designed for different purposes. If all the line box looks the same, you will be able to see the writing of ‘Weight-Forward taper’ or ‘WF’ on the fly line. 


Density is something that indicates how your fly line acts in the water. Since there are a variety of fly fishing lines available on the market, you can try to purchase an extra spool to get a better density.

How to Find the Actual Fly Line for a High-Performance Fishing Experience?

Now, we’ll learn about some of the essential aspects that you must know in order to find the best fly line for your fishing rod. So let’s explore them:

01) Firstly, let’s talk about the length. You should have a fishing line with an adequate length that will enable you to establish longer casting. The ideal length for a fishing line is 90-100FT

02) Now, let’s talk about line tapers. There are usually two kinds of fly-line tapers.

One is the weight forward and the other is double taper. The weight forward allows you to cast in different types of water conditions.

If you want to cast longer there is a taper for you. Besides, if you just want to catch spooky trout in a small creek you’ll also find an ideal taper for that.

03) The weight-forward is ideal for all types of water condition. It will give you more power over your casting and you can fish from a long distance with the help of this line.

04) The double taper fishing line is ideal for catching spooky fish. Although you’ll not get similar distances from this line.

But it’ll also help you to reverse the line if one end gets damaged.

05) There are generally three types of fly lines in terms of their floating or sinking capacity.

If you’re a beginner, you can try the floating fly line first as, it only allows you to catch dry flies, streamers & nymphs. It usually floats over the water.

06) The second category is sinking fishing line. As the name suggests, they usually sink and help you to catch fish from a distance position below the water surface. This is ideal if you’re certain about your fish position.

07) Finally, the sink-tip is the ultimate category that is a combination of both floating and sinking fishing line.

It will provide you with an edging advantage for catching all types of fishes from all water conditions.

If you’re an experienced fly-fisher & want to catch fishes from any distance of the water, the sink-tip line is for you.

Final Word

We believe our guide has helped you to find the best fly line for your rod.

In addition, we’ve also shown you five of the top fly fishing line reviews that are currently available on the market. Thanks for being with us. We appreciate your support.


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