Fiblink Fly Reel Review : Don’t Miss Before Buy

In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed Fiblink fly reel review. Rod Fly fishing is the art of fishing with a rod that establishes a casting with a line which comes out from a reel that is attached at the beginning of that rod.

It also has a fly and a hook that is attached at the tip of that fly-line. This way, the line is cast towards the fishing point with that artificial fly and helps you to catch different types of trout and fish from a diversified range of water.

Rod Fly fishing is a lucrative HOBBY.

But it’s completely different from that of spin fishing.

Fly fishing uses a large variety of flies for all kinds of fish instead of just using a heavier lure.

That makes rod fly fishing the best option for any new or pro anglers.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve designed this comprehensive guide to give you a thorough Fiblink fly reel review which will help you to get a good idea on how this fly reel performs.

Besides, the second half of this guide will cover a “buyer guide” to teach you about some of the crucial aspects that you must know in order to choose the best rod fly fishing gears for you.

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What is Fiblink Reel?

The Fiblink Fly Fishing Reel is one of the best-rated fly-reel for any professional or new fly-fisher.

As the name suggests, it comes with a large arbor design that ensures a more powerful backing capacity and also has a fast retrieval rate.

Fiblink Reel Review

The Fiblink Fly Fishing Reel is one of the best-rated fly-reel for any professional or new fly-fisher.

As the name suggests, it comes with a large arbor design that ensures a more powerful backing capacity and also has a fast retrieval rate.

Besides, its strong, high-quality aluminum-made body ensures its overall durableness so that you can cast your lines without ever concerning about its fragility.

The reel also comes with four different SIZE options.

Here’s what these fiblink fly reel look like:

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Now, let’s explore all the essential features offered by this special fishing reel:

  • #Size: The reel comes with four different size options. They are 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 & 3/4 WT.
  • #Design: The large arbor feature on this reel ensures a greater backing capacity and also provides a fast retrieval rate of the line. Besides, the reel also weighs so light that helps you to make more powerful casting over the water.
  • #Durability: The Fiblink has been made with CNC machined aluminum that ensures its overall durability. The material has been cold-forged to give it a lighter shape and size without compromising the mechanical stability.
  • #Drag System: The Fiblink has a sealed drag system that has been made from fiber-composite to efficiently control your fishing line. Besides, the sealed drag is one of the two categories of the disc drag system which is much regarded for its powerful controlling capacity.
  • #User Flexibility: Some reels have no option to change the side of the retrieving handle. But you’ll find a manual for this reel to conveniently change the side of your retrieving handle from left to right or vice-versa.
  • #Colors: You’ll get two different color options to choose from. The Orange & the Silver.
  • #Accessories: The package comes with a Drawstring bag with the reel.


  • Four Different Size Options.
  • Large-Arbor Design.
  • CNC machined aluminum body.
  • Disc Drag System.
  • Convertible Retrieving Handle.
  • Two Different Color Options.
  • Comes with a Drawstring Bag.


  • No warranty from the manufacturer

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How to Find the Best Rod Fly Fishing Gears to Start Your Angling Journey?

Fishing Reel

Choosing the best fishing reel for your rod can be a difficult task if you’re not aware of all the essential attributes of a standard fishing reel.

Without further explanations, let’s dive into those attributes:

#Design of the Reel: Choosing the right designed reel can provide you with the potential performance you’re expecting from your fishing reel.

There are three different kinds of designs for choosing reel. They are Standard, Mid & Large Arbor. In our opinion, mid & large designs are the ideal option to choose.

Both of them have a powerful backing and fast retrieval rate. Besides, their bodies are lighter in weight.

#Drag System: The drag system helps you to have more control over the line. There are usually two drag options. One is Click-drag and the other is Disc drag.

Both of them are great options to choose. But if you’re planning to fish more in saltwater, you may choose the disc drag system.

Body Material: Lastly, choose the Fly Reel that’s been made from die-cast aluminum or CNC machining process. This will ensure the durability of your reel.

Fishing Rod

Now, we’ll learn about the essential attributes of a standard fishing rod. Read all of them to find the best fly fishing rod for you:

#Sizes & Types: There are a lot of fishing rods in terms of their size and length options.

Talking about the size, Firstly you’ve to specify the place where you’re planning to fish more.

If you’re a beginner and want a fishing rod that is versatile to most water conditions, the 9 ft. & 5-wt rod is ideal for you. They are great for mixed water and lakes.

If you’re going to fish more in small water, the 8.5 ft. 5-wt or a 9 ft. 4-wt would be an ideal option for you.

Lastly, if you’re planning for saltwater, the 9 ft. & 8-wt will be the best option for you. This size is perfect to catch sea trout, redfish, bonefish &, etc.

#Line weight: Larger line weights enable you to cast larger flies. On the other hand, the smaller lines have greater stealth and are ideal to catch spooky fish.

#Body Material: Finally, the body material is extremely important in order to ensure the durability of your fly rod.

Graphite and Carbon Fiber made rods are regarded as the most durable and strong fly rods to choose.

Besides, make sure the handle is made of cork which will provide you with a smoother and more comfortable grip while handling.

Fishing Line

So, we’ve come into the third essential gear for fly-fishing, which is called the fly line.

Let’s quickly learn about the essential attributes of an ideal fishing line:

#Line Length: Your line should be adequately long enough to cast on further distances. The ideal length for a fishing line is between 90 -100FT.

#Line Tapers: There are basically two kinds of line tapers. One is the weigh forward and the other is the double taper.

In our opinion, it’s better to choose the weight-forward fishing line as it allows you to fish in a diversified range of water conditions.

#Floating or Sinking? : Now, which type of Fly-line should you choose? Floating or sinking?

Well, there’s a solution for that. If you only choose a floating or a sinking line, it will only provide you with the feature suggested by its name.

But there’s another type of fishing line that is called the sink-tip.

This is basically the combination for both floating and sinking lines.

So you’ll be able to establish both types of casting depending on the movement position of your fish.

Final Words

Thanks for reading the whole article. We believe our guide on the Fiblink fly reel review has helped you to have a comprehensive knowledge of choosing the best rod fly fishing gears for you.

You can also find our top-rated picks for all particular fly-fishing gears on this site. Stay tuned with us for more info guides like this. We appreciate your support.